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muguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <>
USA - Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 04:12:38 (PDT)
Phil: I'm glad somebody has compiled a list of the "old boys." I still sing (although no longer in the "damnably high tenor" range), but nothing compares to the Schubertian days ('90 to '92 in my case). I hope all you other old boys out there are doing well.
Dave Evans <>
Glendale, CA USA - Wednesday, March 31, 2004 at 16:48:14 (PST)
Quite surprised to find your web site. Having sung in the tenor section of the Schubertians in 1980-81, I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite college experiences. I still remember a few of the old songs, and weird my kids out when I sing 'Edit Nona'. Best wishes to all the 'Old Boys' out there. Derek
Derek Rosenlund <>
Ashland, OR USA - Friday, March 05, 2004 at 16:20:34 (PST)
Hi Phil, I made mistake in last e-mail. My husband Larry, my two daughters Tina and Stephanie and me, Kathy still live in North Bend, Oregon..See ya Kathy Willett-Oregon
Kathy Willett <>
North Bend, OR USA - Monday, November 24, 2003 at 20:59:35 (PST)
Hi Phil, just letting you know that my e-mail changed. I came back to your homepage. It's been a long time. I used to be Kathy Aquila from Weed, Ca. My husband, Larry and daughters Tina and Stephanie still live in Oregon. How have you been? It's close to Thanksgiving and hoping to drive down to Weed to visit my Dad. You take care now. Sincerely Kathy Willett-Oregon
Kathy Willett <>
North Bend, OR USA - Monday, November 24, 2003 at 20:57:54 (PST)
Hi Phil, I sang with Kirby's group at Siskiyous in '79. Just thougt I'd sign in & give a shout out to other former members. Aaron
Aaron Pico <>
Chico, CA USA - Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 18:36:27 (PDT)
Dear Phil, found your page through Google. I had no idea it even existed, but am I glad it does! Seeing all those familiar names from 78-83 really brought back great memories. I moved to Hamburg ("mein Dörfchen") in 1984 and have only been back to SB once or twice since then. I now work in marketing for Häagen-Dazs Europe, not bad for a former McConnell's soda jerk! Please also update my brother Christopher's e-mail address: Keep up the great work and Tschüss, Jon Gable Class of 83
Jonathan Gable <>
Hamburg, Germany - Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 13:00:24 (PDT)
Tweak Tweakerson <>
Mt.Shasta, CA USA - Monday, December 09, 2002 at 14:22:41 (PST)
Very Nice web-site...
Cody L. Engdahl <>
Dallas, TX USA - Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 14:44:00 (PDT)
Hi Phil, Interesting quiz, banana! My Dad, many years ago, visited a relative of his and went skiing at Mt. Shasta. Dad's relative had a sports store out west, and it was him and dad that went skiing. Nice site Banana.... Steve Engdahl
Steve Engdahl <>
Lake Elmo, Mn USA - Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 00:08:17 (PDT)
I don't know how this really works so I will have to get back to you
Katherine Theresa Cox <>
victorville, Ca USA - Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 14:43:57 (PDT)
so, I can't sleep and I'm playing around on the internet and look what I find! Hope all is well Phil. See ya around sometime-ryan
ryan rossetto <>
new york, ny USA - Monday, April 22, 2002 at 22:12:20 (PDT)
Hi from another Phil!
Philip Northover
USA - Friday, April 12, 2002 at 10:11:33 (PDT)
Hi Phil! God Bless You. :) Linda
Linda Mattos <>
Bellevue, WA USA - Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 00:30:10 (PST)
I'm a friend of Esther's from Sac State. After looking at her page, I went to Paul's and now yours. It's a small world! I graduated from UCSB in 1994 in English. My birthday is also the day before yours (but a year earlier) Kinda cool! Have fun with your web page and career! Flora :) Flora Deter
Flora Deter
USA - Monday, December 24, 2001 at 00:59:29 (PST)
Making a test message.
Philip Engdahl <>
Mt. Shasta, CA USA - Thursday, December 20, 2001 at 19:30:20 (PST)
I like your site, and I think the quiz was just fine. I think it is really special that so many people around the world have not only taken an interest in your site because of your last name, but also because they know you and of your talents and achievements. I miss you here back at "HOME", so you need to come and visit more often. need to have another super-bowl party at your humble little home, or else you can just let me host one on your behalf! Hope this holiday season is fun for you and that you are not thinking or working too hard! Even though those things come so naturally to YOU! Still checking out the site and I'll mail you to let you know what I REALLY think. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! (truth is, it's great!)
tekgurl <>
your hometown, USA - Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 15:08:41 (PST)
Unfortunately my guestbook has been inundated with spam recently. Although I try to keep it clean, if you see messages that only have one line and say "keep it up!" or something similar, then it's probably a lame attempt to get you to click on the link they put on to a muli-level marketing site or some such. Caveat Emptor.
Philip Engdahl <>
Mt. Shasta, CA USA - Thursday, November 22, 2001 at 10:35:34 (PST)
Hi, phil. Glad to be here. I will send my pic, but I can't find your email address on ICQ. Could you contact me first?? Good luck!!!!!
Joanna <>
China - Monday, October 22, 2001 at 20:29:01 (PDT)
Hello Phil! Nice site i just poped in to say hi to a fellow Engdahl...:)) Do you have relatives in Sweden?? bye bye Magnus
Magnus Engdahl <>
Sollentuna, sweden - Sunday, September 09, 2001 at 11:44:21 (PDT)
It's heartening to see people publishing information like this on the web. Too often it seems that sites are just out to make a quick buck. I run a site supporting the interests of women in business through business coaching and personal training. Nancy Womensmedia - breaking the glass ceiling
USA - Saturday, September 08, 2001 at 12:39:05 (PDT)
Phillip: Sorry, not member of your fine family or schoolmate, But, found this site browsing snowcrest for ideas of possible future website. Moved to Chico in Spring, but did not go to another server/ kept yours. Just wanted someone connected w. company to know had liked it in Red Bluff.
Chico, CA USA - Friday, September 07, 2001 at 01:06:17 (PDT)
What have you been smoking?
smokin joe marrano <>
farly, al USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 07:19:35 (PDT)
I think your page sucks and you are a head of cabbage
Jasmine <>
Huntsville, Al USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 07:17:19 (PDT)
Just surfed around, nice homepage Greets Angie
Angie <>
AG Switzerland - Saturday, August 04, 2001 at 01:13:12 (PDT)
Your counter for not cool will remain at 000000. I like that. Come visit my site some time. Have been thinking of switching my site over to snowcrest.
Don <>
Corning, Ca USA - Thursday, July 26, 2001 at 12:34:05 (PDT)
Great Page
Mawar Saragih <>
Jakarta, Indonesia - Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 02:33:37 (PDT)
Hey Philip this is Kirk Taylor How have you been? I'm married to Kim Greer so I hope to see you at your Reunion .
Kirk Taylor <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 23:02:44 (PDT)
I appreciate all the comments regarding Kirby Shaw's chorus. However, although I know Kirby is from the Mt. Shasta area, I have never actually been in any of his choirs.
Philip Engdahl <>
USA - Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 15:48:18 (PDT)
Phil and others: I'm Mr. Z's little (shorter and younger) brother. July 17 of this year will be Mr. Z's 80th birthday. I would be great if all the Schubertians could send him a birthday greeting of some sort. Can you get the word out without necessarily letting him know? Thanks.
don zytowski <>
USA - Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 08:23:52 (PDT)
Hello! I also used to sing in Kirby Shaw's Vocal Jazz choir at College of the Siskiyous in Weed a long time ago! I did a seach on Kirby after watching my cousin's high school choir sing Kirby's arrangement of Silent Night. It really brought back memories! Hard to believe that it's been about 22-23 years since those days. Glad to hear that he's still arranging vocal jazz music for school kids! Being in that choir was one of the highlights of my life. Now my cousin is experiencing it too. Happy New Year!
Janice Willcocks <>
North Hollywood, CA USA - Monday, January 08, 2001 at 00:12:56 (PST)
Hi Phil, I ran across your site when I searched for "Kirby Shaw". I used to play in Kirby's horn section when he was at Colorado State University from 1981-83. I was curious about where Kirby is now, and it looks from your site that he is in Ashland OR?? Please tell Kirby hi for me! (he may remember me). Lucky you to be singing with such an incredible jazz icon. Write me back if you have time! Todd
Todd McIntyre <>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Thursday, October 26, 2000 at 10:14:11 (PDT)
Who are you? I sing in Kirby Shaw's A Cappella Group, Encore and I thought he would like to know all of the nice things said about him on this site.
Joelle <>
Ashland, Or USA - Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at 22:51:05 (PDT)
Hello Phil, I like your Home was fun looking through your Guest Book and seeing people from Weed, Mt. Shasta and Yreka....and seeing that you are originally from Mt. Shasta....Well I live in Oregon now but I'm originally from Weed, California....I lived there for 23 years....then moved on to Sacramento and then Oregon...Anyway, just wanted you to know that I really appreciate the fine art of music...when I lived in Weed I used to sing alot...I sang at many weddings in Weed and Mt. Shasta...I still sing but not as much as I used too...although I'm thinking about going to back to singing...I really enjoy it...When I went to College of the Siskiyous I was under the director of George Mattos and Kirby Shaw....I took voice lessons with Kirby and had night Choir with Kirby....I was friends with Roger Emerson..Now I find out that Roger arranges music and I see his name everywhere...Recently I just found out that Kirby Shaw is famous from all over the world...A music teacher here in Oregon has heard of him and he told me...Amazing, isn't it...Do you know Kirby Shaw and Roger Emerson....Roger lives in Mt. Shasta now and Kirby Shaw used to live in Mt. Shasta...Now he lives in Ashland...Well anyway...was great seeing your Home Page...Enjoyed it.. Well see ya another time...bye now... Kathy Willett-(Aquila) Born Weed, California..Live in Oregon now.
Kathy Willett <>
North Bend, OR USA - Monday, October 11, 1999 at 23:45:37 (PDT)
Phillip: Sorry, not member of your fine family or schoolmate, But, found this site browsing snowcrest for ideas of possible future website. Moved to Chico in Spring, but did not go to another server/ kept yours. Just wanted someone connected w. company to know had liked it in Red Bluff.
John Farrier <>
Chico, Ca. USA - Wednesday, July 14, 1999 at 23:09:51 (PDT)
John Farrier <>
Chico, Ca. USA - Wednesday, July 14, 1999 at 23:04:16 (PDT)
I found you by accident! How neat! Bye cousin.
Ingrid Esquivel (Engdahl) <>
Reno, NV USA - Saturday, May 15, 1999 at 20:00:54 (PDT)
I found you by accident! How neat!Bye cousin.
Ingrid Esquivel (Engdahl)
USA - Saturday, May 15, 1999 at 19:58:21 (PDT)
Nice work on your home page. Great to see the Schubertians page. I was a Schubertian in 77-78. Great to find Mr. Z's e-mail address too. Thanks for the service you have performed to all Schubertians.
Steve Stuhlbarg <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 07:44:22 (PST)
A'verry good site hope it stand by
Jan Engdahl <Gurrajan@netscape,net>
Klintehamn, Sweden - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 10:31:02 (PST)
Greetings from one Engdahl to another!!
Deidre Engdahl
San Jose, USA - Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 14:44:46 (PDT)
Delighted to find your web page. I was a Schubertian in 1965-66, so it has been a while. I have fond memories. Hope Mr. Z is in good health. Strange to think of 32 more years of singing all that German after I left...
Ken Grantham <>
Berkeley, CA USA - Thursday, August 13, 1998 at 02:34:30 (PDT)
HELLLOOOO INTERNET!!!!!!!! It seems as though I was the last to sign. hmmmmmmm.........Aint that interesting??? Cool page Phil. My sister went to High School with you in M.S. Pretty groovy huh?
Heather Karnatz <>
Mt. Shasta, CA USA - Tuesday, June 23, 1998 at 21:04:06 (PDT)
I think it is really cool to mention Mt. Shasta, the smallest town on earth!
Heather Karnatz <>
Mt. Shasta, CA USA - Tuesday, May 19, 1998 at 21:55:20 (PDT)
It was nice to see the Schubertian Page. It certainly gives all of us the opportunity to contact old friends and and colleagues and relive some of that special "Gemutlichkeit" The Scubertians live on!!!
Dan Manship <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Friday, April 10, 1998 at 00:15:17 (PDT)
Just wanted to let fellow Schubertians and friends know that a Bay Area contingent of the Schubs will be presenting a Schubertiade on Jan. 31, 1998 at First Presbyterian Church in Burlingame. Contact me for more information. Drop ".nospam" from my email address to reply. address to reply.
Rob Ooghe <>
Berkeley, CA USA - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 09:38:04 (PST)
Dear Phil et al, I just happened upon your page. Thought you might get a kick out of knowing that I was one of the VERY few women fortunate enough to sing with the Schubies. I don't know your era, but I was voice student at UCSB (Carl was my teacher) from '73 to '75, and a bit in '78. I sang the piece which Madame Ruth Michaelis had sung with the Schubies many times. Do you know what it is???
Susan Bosacki <>
Corvallis, OR USA - Thursday, October 09, 1997 at 23:56:31 (PDT)
Nice Page Phillip
Eric and Kristina Hoffmann <>
Petaluma, CA USA - Sunday, October 05, 1997 at 17:19:59 (PDT)
enjoyed my "trip" thru your home page! some day i'll brave & start one.P.S. i'm also a musician. best wishes!!!!
nanmarie <>
mccloud, ca USA - Sunday, September 14, 1997 at 11:47:25 (PDT)
Hi Phil! Glad to enter your unique guestbook! - A new friend from Germany who used to travel around US and elsewhere. Keep on the good work! Karl
Karl H. Aderhold <>
D-60439 Frankfurt, HE GERMANY - Tuesday, August 26, 1997 at 15:59:21 (PDT)
"And his name was . . .Philip. . .Engdahl!"
Lance Terpstra <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, August 07, 1997 at 15:02:33 (PDT)
I'm a friend of Esther's from Sac State. After looking at her page, I went to Paul's and now yours. It's a small world! I graduated from UCSB in 1994 in English. My birthday is also the day before yours (but a year earlier) Kinda cool! Have fun with your web page and career! Flora :)
Flora Deter <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 15:08:14 (PDT)
My uncle was here in Seattle visiting not long ago and mentioned that there was a website. Nice to know that so many people have kept in touch with him past their university days.
Eric Zytowski <>
seattle, wa USA - Sunday, May 25, 1997 at 00:26:15 (PDT)
please send me as much information as posible about the familie name Engdahl in the USA. Thank you for a nice homepage. Greetings from Christer, Ann, Rebecca and Tobias Engdahl. Our adress is: Matrosvägen 5 891 78 BONÄSSUND SWEDEN
Christer Engdahl <>
Örnsköldsvik, SWEDEN - Saturday, May 24, 1997 at 12:14:32 (PDT)
Hi there Phil, I was just checking out the Schubertian OB page, and was delighted to find e-mail addresses for some old friends. By the way, my e-mail address has changed and I'd appreciate it if you'd update the link when you get a chance. Thanks
Steven P. Venti <>
Suzuka, Mie Japan - Friday, May 23, 1997 at 16:16:45 (PDT)
Hey Philip, I just wanted to drop a line since I found another Engdahl I am interested to know if any relation.Cool page by the way.
Jennifer Engdahl <>
Chishlom, MMMn USA - Tuesday, May 13, 1997 at 15:38:45 (PDT)
Phil! Great to see you again, even if it's only online. Congradulations on your degree! Best Wishes!
Mabel McKinley <>
Weed, CA USA - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 05:43:18 (PST)
Hello Phil! Nice site i just poped in to say hi to a fellow Endahl...:)) Do you have relatives in Sweden?? bye bye Magnus
Magnus Engdahl <>
Sollentuna, sweden - Thursday, February 27, 1997 at 13:55:52 (PST)
Finally saw your Website. Great Job! Good to see you in Santa Barbara.
Carl Zytowski <>
Santa Barbara, CA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 15:25:41 (PST)
Phil, it was great meeting you at the Schubertian reunion and concert. If it hadn't been for your guestbook and Schubertian page, I wouldn't have known about the event, and I would have missed out on a very memorable weekend. Many thanks for putting this page on the network. Artie
Artie Alvidrez <>
Palo Alto, CA USA - Tuesday, February 18, 1997 at 12:22:37 (PST)
Dear Phil, Since I haven't seen you for sometime, it is good to read your home page to see what you have been doing. Mary Eliszbeth is showing me how to use the Internet. She is jealous though since I get pretty music on my machine and she doesn't get it on her computer. Why not?
Vera Kirsher <>
Mt. Shasta, CA USA - Sunday, January 26, 1997 at 16:15:53 (PST)
Phil ....really enjoyed your Home Page. Great article in the paper about your Dad. He certainly has done a lot for our UMC and the total community. He is a very special person!
Mary Elizabeth Reid
Mt Shasta, USA - Saturday, January 25, 1997 at 17:16:56 (PST)
Hi Phillip.......I have only been on the net for a week or so. I really enjoyed you Home Page, very interesting. We miss seeing you at the UMChurch.
Mary Elizabeth Reid
Mt Shasta, Ca USA - Saturday, January 25, 1997 at 17:09:15 (PST)
Northern California - free wine tasting, hot tubbing, extra beds! Come visit!
Darrow, Andrew <>
Windsor, CA USA - Sunday, January 19, 1997 at 22:41:48 (PST)
Nice page. Interesting guestbook. Now I know more about you than when I worked with you! P.S. What's a cgi script? I know, I'm ignorant on Internet stuff!
Laurie Penner <>
Yreka, CA USA - Saturday, January 11, 1997 at 09:01:02 (PST)
I think you look fine !
Michael Wayne Waddell
Red Bluff, ca USA - Thursday, December 12, 1996 at 13:31:51 (PST)
USA - Thursday, December 12, 1996 at 13:18:03 (PST)
Nice homepage...,but what is it about,really? Nice background colours! Add some games and you are onthe top!!
Casper Wahlund <->
Balsta, Sweden - Thursday, December 12, 1996 at 03:12:18 (PST)
Hey Phil, what a great page! Is there anybody out there? Yes, millions, I know, but why the hell is nobody mailing me? Go on !
Torsten Zytowski <>
Zurich/Berlin, Switzerland/Germany - Tuesday, December 10, 1996 at 11:29:50 (PST)
You are to be commended for completeing school. I have heard of some of the work that you have done for your dad. Thanks for a job well done.
Don Forrester <>
Corning, CA USA - Wednesday, November 20, 1996 at 18:18:03 (PST)
Richmond, in USA - Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 14:46:24 (PDT
Yo!. Any true Schubertian will check out the web pages of the Schubert INstitute (UK)
Richard Morris <>
England - Saturday, October 19, 1996 at 00:04:22 (PDT
Hey- I'll try to only add this one once (Oracle Powerbrowser went a little haywire last time!) Moved into my flat in London and all is going well. You did a great job at Pete's wedding and I can honestly say that it was one of the most fun and comfortable weddings I've yet to experience. Cheers to you and Pete... and he's still a slacker for not responding to my e-mail!!!
Eryc <>
London, EnglandUSA - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 02:52:23 (PDT
Flip!!!!! I'm just surfing. Hope to see you soon. I should be back up to Mt. Shasta before Thanksgiving. Eric signed your guestbook a number of times in a row. Maybe he thought that your guestbook had too few entries.
Paul <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, September 19, 1996 at 16:59:55 (PDT
Yo Flip! I found your page by doing a search on my name in the Web. I couldn't figure what could be that "Old Boys" site with a confidence factor of 98% on the search! I stopped by Z's place back in the spring, he looked as happy as ever! (maybe even more, as he didn't have to deal with us anymore...) I just started a new job in Tokyo. The site address I gave you is that of my job, there should be a page on me sometime soon. On the musical side, I will join the Shinyuukai Chorus shortly. They seem to have quite a reputation in Japan. Cheers to all!
François Brown de Colstoun <>
Tokyo, Japan - Sunday, September 01, 1996 at 05:01:03 (PDT
Niffty.. Page... Glad to see other Engdahls obtaining such high goals. I'm origanlly from Montana, My dad and grand father are from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Do you have any relatives from that part of the country? Once agian Great web page!!! Have a Good one!!! ;)
Stan Engdahl <>
MillCreek, WA USA - Saturday, August 31, 1996 at 19:41:53 (PDT
I was a bass in the Schubs from 75-79. What a GREAT time!
John Buckel <>
Davis, CA USA - Saturday, August 17, 1996 at 20:30:52 (PDT
Hi Phil, Excellant Page. Say hi to your Dad for me.
Bill Hall <>
Yreka, Ca USA - Thursday, August 15, 1996 at 13:38:45 (PDT
Hey I found ya! Congradulations on your job. Things are going well here in Chicago. Mist you this summer, drop me a line sometime.
Matt Hoopes <>
Hinsdale, IL USA - Saturday, August 10, 1996 at 13:09:52 (PDT
Like your page. As one of the "old boys" I was surprised and delighted to find something devoted to the Schubertians. Hope to see you in February of '97
Rob Ooghe <>
Berkeley, CA USA - Friday, August 09, 1996 at 19:06:06 (PDT
Hello!!! Just stoping by!
John Baker AKA: Duran, Ringo, and ZeroCool <>
Grenada, CA USA - Sunday, July 28, 1996 at 15:18:42 (PDT
Your page has so many links I cant ever find where I want to go. Very helpful though. Hidding in that picture wasnt fair either. Good thing for you that you did though. Because I would have killed you. Jerk. You mave have one this round Philip, but I shall return and slaughter you and your ungreatful brother. Ha, Ha, Heee. -UGUNNADIENEXTTIME
Buddy Hacket <>
Dillville, CA USA - Friday, June 14, 1996 at 21:25:15 (PDT
Like your page.
Chris Michael <>
Redding, Ca USA - Saturday, June 01, 1996 at 18:28:33 (PDT
Hi Phil. I'm one of the old boys, and it was great to come across this web page and see the names of guys I've remembered over the years. Thanks for putting it on the net. Artie
Artie Alvidrez <>
Palo Alto, CA USA - Friday, May 31, 1996 at 11:35:24 (PDT
Hey Flip... I know you really hated that nickname, so I thought I'd make sure everyone got an equal chance to decide if it should be your unofficial web moniker. (p.s. for everyone else, Phil's brother Pete is one of my best friends) Nice home page. I use it as an example on how to use the Web in my New Hire Training class that I teach. I'm using Oracle PowerBrowser to view this and it seems to be working alright (won't hold my breath)... I'll be in London in September doing Apps Consulting, but I'm sure that I'll see ya at Peabo's wedding - EB p.s. tell that slacker Pete to give me a call...
Eryc <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Saturday, May 18, 1996 at 14:05:31 (PDT
Hey, Phil! We just went to a lunch at Z's house yesterday, and we were thinking about you! Z wants to do something for Schubert's 200th anniversary - give him a buzz! Talk to you soon.... -K & G
Kim Milton & Grant Hughes <,>
Goleta, CA USA - Sunday, May 12, 1996 at 18:14:52 (PDT
Hey Phil-- And all this time I thought Peter was your brother! Congrats on your new job! :-) ww.
Wendy S Wright <>
Happy Camp, CA USA - Monday, March 11, 1996 at 20:02:52 (PST
I'm pleased that Snowcrest is now offering a guestbook program! Now all ya gotta do is figure out how to use it....
David R. Volkmann <>
Redding, CA USA - Saturday, February 17, 1996 at 11:52:50 (PST
Hey Phil! Greetings from a friend and former Schubertian. I'm trying to think of something embarrassing to write about you here. Remember England? Well, *actually,... I won't. Keep in touch, sing well, and watch your German diction!
Robert Englebretson <>
Santa Barbara, CA USA - Monday, February 12, 1996 at 21:40:43 (PST
Hi Phil - I went to UCSB too for a little while. Now I live across the country but I wish I was in the mountains like you guys, I used to go to Castella every summer when I was a kid. Oh well...see ya
Dan <>
Providence, RI USA - Sunday, February 11, 1996 at 18:20:43 (PST
Paul Lombardi <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Saturday, February 03, 1996 at 18:31:12 (PST
I couldn't just leave the guestbook empty, now could I?
Philip Engdahl <>
Mt. Shasta, CA USA - Thursday, February 01, 1996 at 00:45:25 (PST