SnowCrest is now hosting our own Quake II Server!

Now you can kill your friends and your enemies online, using SnowCrest's Quake II Server!

Why should I play on SnowCrest's Quake II server, instead of one of the hundreds of other servers in the world?

SnowCrest's Quake II Server is located directly on our network, meaning that you will get better ping times and lower latency to our server than you might get elsewhere. Plus, many of your opponents will be other SnowCrest customers, so you will finally be able to kill your neighbors online! All this makes for one of the best Quake II experiences you can have on the Internet.

Sounds good, how do I play?

Before you can play on SnowCrest's Quake II server, you will need to download and install the latest patch (version 3.20) for Quake II. This patch fixes many bugs, and it makes network play much more enjoyable. It is a 13 MB download, though, so make sure you have some time!

If you haven't previously upgraded, you need the full patch (13 MB):
Id Software

The latest Quake 2 files can always be found at Id Software's site:
ID Software

While you are at it, you may want to install these skins patches. These skins give your players solid colors, which makes it much easier to tell people apart in Quake II.

Millennium Solid Color Skins Patch

The Quake II player models pack (Q2PMP) page is a cool place to check out as well. You can download new models for your players here. If other people are using them, you can fight against everything from Astro Boy to the Lego Man.

The Quake II Player Models Pack

Version 3.20 of Quake II supports the vwep patch, which allows you to see what weapons your enemies are carrying. To use it, you have to download and install vwep on your own machine.

Vwep Patch on

Once you have installed the 3.20 patch, you can set up Quake II using the following procedure:
First, connect to the Internet.
Then, once you are online, Run Quake II.
Once Quake II starts, select "Multiplayer" from the menu.
Select "join network server" and then "address book".
Enter "" (without the quotes) into one of the fields.
Hit Escape to back out of the menu.
Choose "refresh server list".
Select "SnowCrest" from the list.
That's it!

How many people can play at one time?

A maximum of 15 players can be on our server at once. If you get a message saying the server is full, try again a little later.

When the level changes, sometimes I get kicked out and my computer complains that I don't have a map file. What do I do?

You need to enable the auto-download feature built into Quake II. Go to the "Multiplayer" menu, select "player setup", "download options", and then set "allow downloading" to yes. Make sure downloading of levels is also set to yes. Then you should download the new level automatically during your next Quake II game. Note that any new levels only need to be downloaded once. Once they are downloaded, the next time you get to that level, it will start up right away.

Alternatively, you can download the new levels here. (0.7 Mb) (0.2 Mb)
You will need to read the readme to see how to install it properly.

What is Quake II, where can I find more information about it?

Quake II is the sequel to Quake, and it was written by ID Software. It is a first-person perspecive real-time 3D shooter, which means that you run around a dungeon with a big gun and blow other people's brains out. If this sort of thing doesn't appeal to you, then you should try another game.

There are many sites on the Internet devoted to Quake and Quake II. is probably the most popular. is another very informative site.

I want to play network games, but not Quake II specifically. How can I do this?

Check out SnowCrest's Kali server. SnowCrest also has a Quake server.

I really love/hate your Quake II server. Who is responsible for it?

Please send fan/hate mail to Grimorden.

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