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Lustrous Nails System
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The NEWAYS nail care system is a professional nail salon in a box - saving you time and money. The Lustrous Nail System bonds with your natural nails to create lovely nails in just a few easy steps. NEWAYS smooth, glossy polymer gel and specialized bonding lamp make beautiful nails possible. Now you can have salon-quality nails in the comfort of your own home.

Do your nail care products contain the following potentially harmful ingredients?
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* Propylene glycol * Artificial fragrances
* Glycerin * Artificial colors
* Formaldehyde * Toluene
* Bentonite  

 Lustrous Nail Care System

The Lustrous Nails System is the successful alternative to the time-consuming and potentially-damaging conventional acrylic nail methods available today. Very harsh chemicals are used with the traditional salon acrylic nail systems. The chemicals generally used that are considered harmful are Methylacrylic Acid, Acrylic Acid, and acrylic monomers. These chemicals are corrosive to the lipids of the skin, and in cases of poor application or extra sensitivity, the consumer may possibly experience severe cases of contact dermatitis. Another problem connected with artificial nails is of fungus growth under the nail. This is not caused from the acrylic nail itself but from lifting or separation of the product from the nail plate where moisture and contamination allow the fungus to grow and develop. Ultraviolet (UV) light cure gels are also being used at some nail salons, and sold by MLM companies. New information indicates certain wave lengths in UV light may be potentially harmful. Generally, the chemistry of these nail gels incorporates some of the potentially irritating, previously listed ingredients. The use of a solvent cleanser removes the excessive tacky residue left on the nail after curing. This solvent decreases the skins protective barrier by dissolving the lipid (oil soluble) components of the skin. The dissolved residue in the cleanser then penetrates the skin, and greatly increases the possibility of irritation. Many gels use acrylic monomers, which are very irritating to the cuticle area. There is also a problem when combined with photosensitivity to many users because of potentially harmful UV rays in some wave lengths.

New "living polymer" nail gel is similar to the natural nail and uses the safe Lustrous Nails Gel curing system.

NEWAYS has developed the most advanced nail bonding system on the market. Extensive research into polymer chemistry and living science has led NEWAYS to develop a totally new nail gel classified as a "living polymer." This classification is derived because of the gel's similarity in function to that of the skin and natural nail. Unlike conventional nail systems, NEWAYS living polymer system (Lustrous Nails Gel) does not seal off and inhibit the biological nail system. Rather, the Lustrous Nails Gel is gas permeable, and allows the nail to respire. While the nail itself is comprised of nonliving material, it does give off moisture and by-product vapors connected with metabolic activity of the skin under the nail. This respiratory factor keeps the nail and finger normal and healthy. A great deal of research has gone into developing NEWAYS Lustrous Nails Gel. When hardened, a very strong bond is created to the natural nail. At the same time, it exhibits close to the same flex rates and patterns as the natural nail. This is very important as dissimilar plate movement is one of the primary causes of artificial nail separation. Another key feature of the Lustrous Nails Gel is its ability to cure smooth and tack free, thus eliminating the required use of a cleansing solvent, as there is no residue. This factor, when combined with the unique chemistry developed in finding and using nonirritating polymer ingredients gives unparalleled performance with virtually no irritation.

ADVANCED LUSTROUS NAIL SYSTEM - (Salon looking nails created at home)

The Advanced Lustrous Nails System is a revolutionary nail bonding system that strengthens and beautifies natural nails. Simply apply the polymer gel and use the bonding lamp to bond the gels to nails for a glossy, natural look.
Advanced Lustrous Nails System: Bonding lamp, file set, brush cleaning solution, high gloss gel, Nail Enhancer, Nail Whitener, nail glue, nail tips, foil extensions, silk strips, white tipping gel, white buffer block. #4309


NEWAYS has developed a totally new nail gel. It is classified scientifically as a "living polymer" and unlike conventional nail systems, NEWAYS Nail Gel does not seal off and inhibit the biological nail system. Rather, the gel is gas permeable and allows the nail to respire. While the nail itself is comprised of non-living or dead material nonetheless, it does give off moisture and by-product vapors connected with metabolic activity of the skin under the nail. This respiratory factor keeps the nail and finger much more normal and healthy.
#4110, 15 ml Clear (ultra high gloss)
#4130, 15 ml White Tip


Many companies use cuticle oils to keep the area around the nail soft and healthy. These oils inhibit the bonding of gels, and also cause discoloration. They are not what we would consider to be very effective as softening, moisturizing agents as they are lipophilic (oil soluble) rather than hydrophilic (water soluble.) Skin is softened by water, not oil. This can be demonstrated by leaving a piece of dry skin in any type of oil. It will remain dry. Put that same piece in water, and it will become very flexible within about ten minutes. Nail Enhancer is much more than a moisturizer. It utilizes extracts from botanical and biological sources that are very specific in enhancing the area in and around the nail. Onymyrrh is a powerful botanical extract of the ancient plant, myrrh, which has a significant effect in improving the skin and cuticle in and around the nail plate. We have found nothing that comes even remotely close to the performance of this ingredient. Important vitamins, Panthenol, and Niacin, when combined with a specially-extracted, moisturizing mucopolysaccharide, support the performance of this formulation. Ginkgo biloba extract has been added for enhanced circulation.
Use: Daily. Apply Nail Enhancer to the cuticle area and massage into the skin toward the first knuckle. Use is encouraged when using the Lustrous Nails System, after the curing and washing of the hands, to promote optimum-looking nails. #4200, 15 ml

NAIL WHITENER (Kapping Sealer)

Nail Whitener is a combination nail sealer and sunscreen. Use on gel nails or any artificial nails as a finishing step to seal nails and prevent yellowing due to ultraviolet rays.
Use: Apply one coat to nails. If you are going to apply nail polish after the Nail Whitener, lightly buff the nail to remove oiliness. Apply Nail Enhancer. Buff again lightly. Wash hands. Apply a professional base coat. Apply 2 coats of fingernail polish. Apply professional top coat of Nail Whitener. Do not use on natural nails. #4205, 15 ml

Note: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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