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 The Miracle of Blue Green Algae
Cell Tech Blue Green algae, Klamath Lake algae
Klamath Lake is the only place in the world where organic Blue Green Algae grows in quantities suitable for harvesting. In this environment of abundant minerals, natural nitrogen, fresh water and sunlight, Blue Green Algae has for a hundred centuries had the perfect opportunity to flourish to its full potential in the wild.

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A Mountain Garden of Blue Green Algae

Nestled within the Cascade Mountains in the center of Southern Oregon (with the legendary Mount Shasta in full view), Upper Klamath Lake is fed by a mix of streams and creeks, natural springs and two major snow-fed rivers, the Wood River and Williamson River. With mountainous terrain to the west and north and the town of Klamath Falls lying downstream to the south.

Despite the Lake's massive size, the lake is isolated and naturally protected from any large scale commercial development, boating or other recreational activities, because of the thick growth of blue-green algae. Nature carefully designed the perfect environment to help keep this precious algae pure! The surrounding volcanic geology deposits a rich legacy of minerals into the Lake each year. This natural process of slowly depositing minerals and nutrients allows the lake to maintain a richly alkaline pH level. This is indeed unique in a world of rapidly increasing acidity in lakes.

An Endless Supply of Nutrients

Where do these minerals and nutrients come from? Since the last retreat of West Coast glaciers, the Lake has served as a "nutrient trap" for a rich supply of minerals, volcanic silt, organic nitrogenous matter and other nutrients washed in from thousands of square miles of land surface. The minerals were a gift of Mt. Mazama when 7,000 years ago the entire top 5,000 feet of the mountain blew off in an explosion 300 times the size of Mt. St. Helens'.

It is the only place in the world where BGA grows in quantities suitable for harvesting. In this environment of abundant minerals, natural nitrogen, fresh water and sunlight, Blue Green Algae has for a hundred centuries had the perfect opportunity to flourish to its full potential. Each year the lake produces in excess of 200 million pounds of its unique strain of aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Enough Blue Green Algae could be produced to feed one or two grams per day to every person on the planet.

This annual deposit has resulted in a layer of sediment that averages 35 feet in depth. The existing top one-inch contains enough nutrients to support the massive annual bloom of Algae for 60 years!
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How Do Blue Green Algae and Spirulina & Chlorella compare?

Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake is unique because no other environment on earth duplicates the wild and fertile ecology of Klamath Lake. When compared, commercial freshwater Spirulina and Chlorella must be grown in man-made ponds, under artificially controlled conditions. In these ponds the algae receives a smaller quantity of minerals and a narrower range of non-organic minerals. Klamath Lake Blue Green algae is grown naturally under the most ideal conditions and is harvested so that the nutritional integrity is not compromised. When you consider Blue Green Algae's mineral-rich growing environment, it is no surprise that it is power-packed with nutrients, the kind of nutrients that aid in achieving good health.

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