We are always looking for items that fall within the categories below. We are willing to trade for items shown on our page or in our store.

The categories below represent our main areas of interest but we are always interested in hearing about items that may not fall into any of the categories. If we aren't in the market for your item ourselves, you might like us to list it for you on eBay, or locate a buyer for you. See our page to see how it works.

~ U.S. & Foreign coins & currency, especially 1964 or earlier U.S. coins. ~

~ Jewelry, especially Mexican silver, Art Deco and Victorian ~

~ Native American baskets, pottery, rugs, jewelry or other items ~

~ WWI, WWII and other era militaria ~

~Firearms & ammunition~

~ Artwork, including paintings, drawings & limited edition prints and Folk art ~

~ Asian Antiques, especially Chinese porcelain ~

~ Cameras & photographic equipment ~

~ Aviation and Aerospace ~

~ Vintage Records, especially Jazz & 50s-60s Rock & Roll ~

~ Antique or collectable Books, Magazines, newspapers and old comic books~

~ Old toys, games, models, dolls ~

~ Baseball cards, sporting goods, sports autographs, pennants and other game memorabilia ~

~ Motion picture & television memorabilia, including posters photographs, autographs and production artwork ~

~ Historical items such as civil war letters, political campaign items, flags, police & firefighter items ~

~ Antique postcards and paper ephemera, including calendars, brochures, catalogs, documents, scrapbooks, Christmas cards, valentines and autograph books ~

~ Old photographs, Kodachrome transparencies (slides) ~

~ Items relating to fraternal organizations, such as Freemasons, Oddfellows and Elks ~

~ Railroad and train related items ~

~ Antique fishing lures and other gear ~

~ Old Boy Scout, Girl Scout & Cub Scout items, such as uniforms, badges, patches, tools and camping gear ~

~ Antique Christmas decorations, including ornaments, lights, decorations and Santas ~

~ Concert Posters and memorabilia, especially 1960s Rock & Roll ~

~ Musical instruments, especially Guitars and Hawaiian Ukuleles ~

~ Vintage Hawaiian & Polynesian items, especially old tapa cloths, carved tikis, Hula items, native art and postcards ~

~ African masks and wooden sculptures ~

~ Casino Collectibles, including gambling chips & old poker chips, dice, cards, ashtrays, menus, concert billings, slot machines etc. ~

~ Video Game systems and games ~

~ Antique buttons and sewing items, including patterns, embroidered, woven or stitched items, samplers, tapestries and clothing ~

~ Early Automoblia ~

~ Sterling Silver flatware & holloware ~

~ Antique & Vintage telephones and radios ~

~ Decorative items from the Victorian, Art Deco and Modern eras including sculptures, art glass, art pottery and vanity items ~

If you have items you would like to sell or trade, please give us a call at (928) 830-7730, or email us at