Before you get rid of something at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar, it makes good sense to find out the value of what you have. For just about any item over 25 years old, there is a collector somewhere who would be willing to pay more than you might think. We frequently research the value of antiques, collectibles, artwork and a wide variety of other items before selling them at auction, and have a good deal of experience determining the value of items. Whether you would like to know the value of a single item or a whole house full, we can help.

For single items brought into our store, we can often tell you what your item may be worth without doing any research and free of charge. If you have an item that requires research, we charge ten dollars an hour, with a five dollar minimum. We can usually get a ball park value for you in less than an hour. We are not currently offering written appraisals for insurance purposes or otherwise, but will be doing so in the not too distant future. Before you spend good money on an 'official' appraisal, why not let us do some preliminary research to help you estimate the value of your item.

If you have numerous items, we can travel to your location in the tri city area for a minimum fee of ten dollars plus 50 cents per mile one way. Our fee includes one half hour of evaluation time. If our evaluation takes more than a half hour, we will charge 10 dollars per hour and will prorate for partial hours. For travel outside the tri city area, we can negotiate a fee.

Whether it's a single item or a whole house full, we will waive the evaluation fee if we agree to list your items on eBay or otherwise get compensated for helping you liquidate your items.

We can also do other types of general research. If it can be found on the internet, we can find it. Need a recipe for a special dish? Want to settle a bet on when the cotton gin was invented? Lost your owners manual for an appliance and need help? The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of information available on the internet.

If you have a question or need information, we can help. If it's as simple as answering a single question, we probably won't charge you anything. If it is a detailed search requiring more than a few minutes, we'll negotiate a reasonable fee.

To have your item(s) evaluated, or for internet research, please call us at (928) 445-8658, or email us at