Need some extra cash to fund a vacation, remodel your kitchen, buy a new TV, or other purpose? Chances are you have some items collecting dust around the house or in storage that could be sold to generate that cash.

Whether you have a single item or a whole attic full, HyperTreasure can help. We can come to your location and conduct a "Treasure Hunt". We will help you evaluate and select items for sale, saving you the hassle of holding a garage sale or putting the items in a consignment store. That old painting that grandma left you might just be worth enough to fund your trip to Hawaii, or buy school supplies for your college bound teen.

With our expertise in personal property appraisal and our diligent research, you can rest assured your treasures will be sold for much more than if you were to offer them at a garage sale or put them in a consignment shop. In addition, your items will almost certainly sell more quickly than if you consign them in a local shop. Please see our page for more particulars on how we sell your items on eBay. In some cases we may not use eBay and may sell your item by contacting buyers directly.

If you would like us to come to your location and perform a "Treasure Hunt", please call us at (928) 445-8658, or email us at