When a loved one dies, there are often belongings to liquidate. Sometimes this ordeal can be difficult for those suffering such a loss. Frequently, the next of kin will hold an estate sale to dispose of the items without having the time or ability to give the task the attention it deserves. Collectors in the know seek out estate sales because items often are sold at a fraction of their value, due to the seller's unfortunate situation. We might be able to help you or someone you know avoid the pitfalls of the estate sale by assisting in the liquidation. There are several options available to you. We can host your estate sale at your location, or merely evaluate the items you intend to sell. We can sell some of your items on eBay, hold a live auction, or even negotiate to purchase part or all of the estate.

The fee for our services in this area is negotiable and depends on what you want us to do. We may even offer our services in exchange for an item or items from your sale. We will work with you to prevent the sale of valuable items for pennies on the dollar. We have the experience and expertise to evaluate items and help you realize their maximum value. We also know how to price low end items for quick sale, so you don't end up with a bunch of stuff going to the dump or Salvation Army. We are confident that what we charge for our services will be less than the amount you stand to lose if you sell that mystery heirloom at your estate sale for ten dollars, when in fact it is worth much more.

If you could use some help liquidating estate items, please call us at (928) 445-8658, or email us at