We can scan your printed photographs, photographic negatives, or other documents, digitizing them for use in computer applications. You can scan your child's school picture to email to the grandparents, or scan antique photographs of your ancestors that you can use in a genealogy scrapbook. Why not digitize that favorite vacation photo for your computer screensaver, or have us scan some pictures for you to use on your website. Eventually we will also be able to put VHS and 8MM videos onto DVD and make paper prints of digital photos. Someday we may even undertake digitizing of old 8mm and 16mm home movie film if the demand is great enough.

Below are some examples of some scans we have done as well as one example of an enlargement made of an old paper photograph using a digital camera. Click on the thumbnail images to see larger images.

If you need some digital photographs but don't have a digital camera, let us take them for you. See our page for more information.

If you would some of your photographs or other paper images on a CDROM, or digitized for publishing to the web or email, please call us at (928) 445-8658, or email us at