Full Joke Site

Having your own copy of the site is ideal for people using dial-up service - no need to wait for large files to download.

Are you a frequent business traveler?

Do you need jokes to lighten up a business meeting or social event?

Find yourself stuck waiting in the airport for your flight? Want to brighten up that wait?

You can access the joke site on your laptop with no need for an internet connection.

And a new feature of the joke file is the Daily Joke Archive. It currently contains all the daily joke e-mails sent in June, July, August (736 jokes) and will have approximately 240 added each month.

And we can even send the site to you on 3 CD's, a DVD or a 2Gb USB flash drive! (super cool deal since it's reusable)

This is your one stop shopping site for jokes, pics, funny video clips.

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