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"Great to see webpages dedicated to the sometimes unappreciated "art" of dispatching" - Chris S.

"Love the site!! Enjoy the history of the LAPD. Thanks for explaining "SigAlerts" Heard about them when out in LA the past year. - Mark W

"Very well done. I worked communications 66-70 and brings back a lot of great memories!" - Don M, LAPD Detective, Retired

"Great site! The next time someone asks me what a Sig Alert is, I will refer them to this site." - Rhonda Kramer, KFWB News/Traffic

"Remarkable! I grew up in the 50s and 60s listening to KMPC, and while I heard thousands of SigAlerts, I never learned to associate them with an individual. (I guess I thought it was short for "signal." - Steve R

"I am the son of Loyd Sigmon...Thanks for the Web page...Very nice work. You have really done your homework...I printed it off and read it to my dad. He confirms that all is "very" accurate and wanted me to convey to you what a good job you did. Thanks." - D L Sigmon

"Someone has to remember all of this dispatching history, and collect it, and you're doing a great job. I always thought the "Sig" was "signal" or "significant" or something like that. I never even considered that it was someone's name! For heaven's sake, we shouldn't forget him! Keep up the good work...." - Gary A

"Great site, it reminds me of when the patrol officers were made to dispatch if we didn't write enough tickets! - Armando L

"I only wish my grandfather, who retired from LAPD as a Detective Sergeant after 35 years and who survived until 90 + was still alive to see this. He would have gotten even a bigger kick than me... We heard many stories over the years and once I became an RTO in 1974, he bought a scanner and each day always listened for my voice. I truly enjoyed my 24 plus years working for the department and although I have a great new job, I miss being able to say that I still work for LAPD Communications and seeing some of my most valued friends on a daily basis." Kathy P., LAPD Communications, Retired


"Very nice, informative page. lots of hard work and research evident. have bookmarked it and will forward to friends in the biz! - Chris H

"Great site, made me remember all the good times, worked with great people! Keep up all the good work!!" - Nikki H

"Thanks for all your time and effort you put into this. Though I don't contribute much to the e-mails, I do enjoy being on the list and reading what's going on with others. It gives me the feeling that though we are spread out all over, we still have a connection and it brings back many memories of good times and working with good people doing a truly important and difficult job." - Beverly C., LAPD Hollywood Detectives

"Enjoyed Reading The History Of LAPD Communications And Giving Us An Opportunity to Compare With The Way We Operated Police Communications In The Chicago Area When I First Started 30 Years Ago. Communication Systems Certainly Have Improved Over The Years. Thank You For Putting LA Story Together. KZU852." - Jerry B

"Your history similar to development of Chicago's communications. We wonder how we accomplished so much with so litttle to work with. It seems that we were in the dark ages. Thanks for the historical review." Louis F, Chicago 9-1-1, retired

"Thanks -- great website -- it was fun visiting your site -- I am former LAPD ofcr class 04/78 -- S/E division --- Take Care partner ----" Tom M., Deputy Chief of Police, IL

"Great site. My father was a LAPD Captain, and I grew up with the sights and sounds you are capturing. What great memories. Thanks!" - Gary S

"4449 on the Keddie wye...truly a classic...also love the WAV file" - David E

"I loved those pictures of McCloud and the 4449. Thanks for posting them!" - Matthew S

"Thanks a million for putting up the train stuff. Neat..... the train whistle makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Used to live in NJ and listened to those whistles all night long as the Erie and Lackawanna ran right through our village." - Temp B

"I loved those pictures of McCloud and the 4449. Thanks for posting them!" - Matthew S

"Great JOB!!!! Interesting and fun to read. This one I just might keep." Paul M

"Wonderful historical and informational info. I seem to remember many many moons ago I picked up LAPD on AM radio. I would like to see more info on your communications and dispatching operations. PS-Maybe you could identify the letters used of vehicle ID call. Thanks" - Sol E, Retired FDNY Supervising Dispatcher

"A very interesting site. Things have sure changed over the years. The wav of the Bank Robbery and Shoot Out sent cold chills down my back. You've done an excellant job on your pages. Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories with the World Wide Web." Q T

I worked in L.A. as a CHP officer for about 5 years before transfering to northern CA. I have nothing but great memories of all my contacts with LAPD officers...always protrayed the highest level of professionalism and always lent a helping hand when I needed it...In fact, I guess I was so impressed with LAPD Ofcr's that I was able to lure one to the north half of the state and finally married her ! ! !" - Mike M, CHP - Santa Rosa area

"Great Memories thank you....." Ron M, LAPD Retired

"Great pictures, story and links. Didn't realize how much the RTOs had to know and do until I saw this page. Thanks for covering our backs..." HDH, LAPD Detective, Retired

"I enjoyed and sending to friends, Are you the Marnell I once saw for Dental care?" John P

"This is a marvelous page. I recall listening to those calls on our Philco radio as a kid in the 1940's. Thanks for all the information. Now if "Ess Eff Pee Dee" would just do something like that!" Art, Retired Captain, San Francisco PD

"Very nicely done, Harry!!! Lots of nice history and very well put together. Communications is often overlooked in the realm of police work today. Thanks Again." - John S, Dayton OH PD

"Great site ... lots of history here ... much of it before my time ... but very interesting ... must have been interesting being a dispatcher back then" - Mike D

"It was with great interest that I stumbled across you photos of early Police Communications. It's not unlike some of the old shots that I wish I had kept when I retired from the Toronto Police Services. (ex Metropolitan Toronto Police Force). I had a rich and rewarding career for 29 years, spending the last 10 in Police Comms. I retired in 1996 as a sergeant but still keep the interest up." - Howie W, Retired Sgt, Metropolitan Toronto Police

"As a public safety communications history buff, I was very pleased to see and visit your site. Very nice job. Congratulations!" - Alan B, Contra Costa SO Retired; Founder - "Dispatch" Magazine

"Interesting and informative tour of the Department's communications as it evolved from the early days of radio to its present technical sophistication...Just look at those snappy 1930's uniforms. A must see for history buffs." - Los Angeles Police Protective League


"I am a Communications Officer in upstate NY with 25 years experience. Congratulations on a job well done. ...My department was one of the first to use 2 way communications in the NY area. NYPD even sent people up in the 1930's to look the system over. ...Great Job! Thanks" - Mike D

"Your page was, for me, and interesting historical look at Police Communications. Then I got to the part about the dispatchers during the Bank Robbery & shoot-out. THAT shook me up. God bless all you radio dispatchers!" - Caroline S, Police Officer, Chicago PD

"Great Site! I love the pictures, they bring back fond memories for me of long-ago times with that "other department" in the big city. Thank you very, very much." - Bob, Retired Lieutenant, LA County Sheriffs Dept

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