Name of Hospital Administrator (or Chief Executive)



Hospital full address

City, State and Zip Code

Dear Mr. or Ms. ______________:

	I am a resident of the area in which your hospital is located and would be

taken to your hospital (or medical facility) in an emergency situation.  My

physician's name is Dr. _____________.  I have a disability known as Multiple

Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) which requires that special precautions be taken in

order to prevent further injury to my health.  I am writing to ask you to put me in

touch with someone at your facility so that I can discuss my personal medical

needs and have them on record in case of an emergency or illness which

requires hospitalization or medical testing.

	I am enclosing a copy of the manual "Healthier Hospitals" (OR, if not

enclosing the manual - "I have available for your review, a manual entitled

"Healthier Hospitals" ) which is an excellent tool with which to educate your

medical personnel about MCS.  Often, due to a lack of proper education in this 

area, the requests of those with MCS are not understood and/or are ignored,

sometimes causing life threatening situations and/or severe pain and discomfort.

(If this has ever happened to you at this medical facility, list a brief explanation

of what happened).

	I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and will

be pleased to assist you in any way that I can in the education of your employees

about MCS.  Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule

to address this very serious problem.


Your name,


phone, etc.

Your physician's name (Have your physician co-sign the letter with you or ask

him/her to write one of his/her own to the hospital administrator.)  Those with

MCS disability must be accommodated only if the disability affects a major life

function (breathing, walking, mental capabilities, etc.)  Check with your state's

Governor's Council on Persons with Disabilities if your have questions

concerning this (every state has a Governor's Council dealing with disability).