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OHIO NETWORK FOR THE CHEMICALLY INJURED Sharing, Support, Community Education and Advocacy P.O. Box 29290, Parma, Ohio 44129 (440) 845-1888
We are very excited about our latest endeavor and hope you will join us in our enthusiasm as we introduce the 'protecto-dome' to the world. The Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured (ONFCI) has been involved in numerous projects which attempt to educate others about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), a hidden disability. Many of you know of us and have supported our efforts in the past. Those who are not ill may take for granted many daily activities including going to work, eating out in restaurants, visiting a library, going to church, attending a play or movie and other social and necessary events. Many do not realize that for some, these activities can be debilitating and life threatening. Typically, those with MCS and respiratory disabilities are unable to attend these functions because doing so can make them severely ill and cause disruption of life activities such as walking, thinking and breathing. We are pleased to announce and invite you to join us in the world premier of a solution to some of these problems. Case Western Reserve University's Engineering Service Group students and Playhouse Square Center have worked together to actually plan, design and build ONFCI's concept. Home Depot and N.E.E.D.S. are donating the required materials to build the very first 'protecto-dome', a public accommodation for people with MCS, respiratory disabilities and other disabilities that require avoidance of chemicals and fragrances in the ambient air. ONFCI will be hosting an event at Playhouse Square Center where the first ever portable protecto-dome will be permanently housed to introduce this new invention to the Greater Cleveland community (and to the world). We are writing to ask you to help us with our community efforts by sharing your expertise, experience, talents, planning abilities and employees who can be so instrumental to the success of this endeavor. We need volunteers to serve on the planning committee and assist us in brain-storming, public relations and other unique talents as well as volunteers for clerical tasks. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss this further and answer any questions you may have. Toni Temple, Chair
Please fill in your name or the name of your employee(s) who would be available to contribute their talents to this innovative project that will benefit so many. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses and corporations to participate in a sharing kind of caring to open the door for those in the community with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) as well as to learn more about this ever-increasing hidden disability. Please use one form for each volunteer. You may duplicate this form and share it with others. Corporation Name: Volunteer's Name: Contact at address: City, State, Zip: Phone: ( ) Please check one or more of the areas listed below: I would be interested in donating my talents to the following: ( ) planning committee ( ) public relations ( ) secretarial ( ) research ( ) entertainment ( ) copying and printing ( ) program ( ) other (please describe) ( ) cash contribution (please make check payable to 'protecto-dome project' c/o our fiscal agent. The days and hours of the week I would be available to volunteer are: (please also include weekends it you are available then) Thank you for joining with us in this very important project. Please return this form in an envelope addressed to: Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured P.O. Box 29290 Parma, Ohio 44129 (440) 845-1888

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