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OHIO NETWORK FOR THE CHEMICALLY INJURED Sharing, Support, Community Education and Advocacy P.O. Box 29290, Parma, Ohio 44129 (440) 845-1888
SHARE YOUR MCS STORY Many of you know me. My name is Toni Temple, founder and chair of the Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured (ONFCI) and author of Healthier Hospitals and the Healthier Hospitals on the Horizon Campaign. I am writing a new book entitled The Ostrich Syndrome which will portray the brutal realities we face when we seek help after a chemical exposure harms our health. The book will also address the false sense of security that is commonplace and the expanding array of dangerous chemicals that find their way into our homes and workplaces. One chapter will give excerpts from real life stories that illustrate how ignorance is not bliss but real danger. I need your stories to help the general public understand that MCS happens to everyday people whose trust was violated by agencies, physicians, and employers. Typically, this lack of recognition leads to further harm to health and ultimately disability. What I need is simple. Please send me a few paragraphs describing the circumstances of your injury and your attempts to seek help. Since the book will focus on how keeping one's head in the sand leads to permanent and irreversible damage to others, don't be afraid to express your frustration and failed attempts to be taken seriously or even believed. Please use generic names such as the board of health, my physician, my employer and a federal agency when describing what happened to you. I will protect your anonymity omitting your name and mentioning your city and state at your discretion. Your article may be edited. In a separate statement please give me your permission to publish your story. Be sure to sign and date it. Please submit your stories no later than August lst, 1999. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us educate all those ostriches! Maybe we'll even educate a couple of turkeys as well. Toni Temple, Chair

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