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AUTHOR BRINGS NEW HOPE FOR HEALTH, SHARING HER TRUE LIFE EXPERIENCE AND EXPOSING A DARK AND OBSCURE SECRET. American people are dying a slow, virtually unknown, deliberate death. Our bodies are the battleground, and our immune systems are the target, in an ever present environmental attack. From the occupant of the highest office in the land, to the unemployment lines, students of Ivy League universities, to children in day care centers, no one in today's society is left unaffected. Chronic debilitating diseases are rampant in our world. In her newly released book, Dying in the Land of Plenty, Brenda Brown unveils the shroud of disease as she shares her seemingly endless search for a diagnosis, her fight for survival, and her victory over seemingly insurmountable odds. The author has taken a journey into the depths of the unknown, into a world so horrifying, the details of events will forever be ingrained in her mind. Sharing her terrifying experience, she provides the protocol employed allowing her to reclaim her health after medical doctors had given up. "Brenda Brown, while on her journey from illness to wellness, has provided us via her book, with a wealth of well-researched information of tremendous benefit to our health. A must read!" Richard J. Ucci, M.D. "Through the author's hard work and incredible perseverance in the face of daunting odds, she was able to find true health and inner peace. Her thirst for knowledge and willingness to share her experience with others is a great source of encouragement to the many who search for answers in their quest for healing." James P. Russell, D.C. Brenda Brown, health advocate and lecturer owns and operates Marpe Solutions, a company devoted to teaching healthy living lifestyles. If you would like more information about this experience, or wish to schedule an interview with Brenda Brown contact Marpe Solutions at 607-674-9729 or email marpesolutions@ascent.net. Visit Marpe Solutions online.

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