Allen Ginsberg coming from India in 1963

Broken Bone Blues by Allen Ginsberg

Broken bone, bone, bone all over the ground
Broken bone, bone, bone everywhere the sound
Of broken bone, bone, bone
Everyone brought down
Everyone brought down!

To broken bone, bone, bone
Broken head and bony crown
Broken bone, bone, bone
Broken guru, king and clown
Broken bone, bone, bone
To the boneyard I am bound
To the boneyard I am bound!

Broken heart, broken toe,
Broken soul, broken nose,
Broken heaven, broken woe,
Broken body into broken earth must go
Into broken earth must go.

When my bones all break
I must feel my way to death
When all my bones break
When my meat starts to scrape
Through death I will escape
To heaven through my heart
To heaven through my heart's breath

Broke my leg under my knee
Broke my heart, broke my greed
Broke my body like a dog, like a scared dog indeed
Broke my dumb body so God could see me
So God could see me he broke my body

Broken bones O Lord
I'll give my house away
Broken bones O God
It was never mine anyway
Broken bones O Buddha
Take my skull today
Or take back my skull someday

Break, break, break
O bones everywhere
Break, break, break
O soul in the black air
Break, break, break
my body God take care
My body God take good care

Take your time O Lord break my bones ten times ten
Take your time O death and you can tell me when
Farewell swift body dream God bless me again
Come down God bless me again
And I'll come back and bless you again
Come down God bless me again
And I'll come back and bless you again
Come down God and bless me again
And I'll come back and bless you again

Albert Hofmann, The man who changed my life & the world as we knew it.
i am forever grateful to him for the way his discovery opened my eyes to the
Doors of Perception

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Bhagavan Das

RIP Kesey & Thanks for leading the way!

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