ThE CiTy So NiCe, ThEy NaMeD iT TwIcE!

New York-New York

I grew up in New Jersey, right across the George Washington Bridge,
from The Greatest City in the Universe!

I remember Goin to

Palisades Park for fun.

eatin hot dogs at Hiram's in Fort Lee.

Seeing Murray The K at his Brooklyn Fox Shows
and listening to Pete Fornatale & Vin Scelsa on 102.7-WNEW-FM

Hangin out down the shore at Seaside Heights & Asbury Park,
with the boys who had cool cars & taught me how to use them.

Learning to drive was the greatest thing that happened to me!
To me it meant FREEDOM!
As Springsteen says...
"Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair,
the nights bustin open these 2 lanes'll take us anywhere"

About 3 AM one night in 1966, i was driving up Park Avenue
headed to the GW Bridge on my way home
from a night club called Ondine's.
it was a gorgeous summer night
and the top was down on my '63 Corvette.
i kept weaving in and out of what little traffic was on the street,
just cruising happily and minding my own business.
i kept hearing a horn honking at me,
and as most New Yawka's would do...
i ignored it.
when i got to a light and finally stopped
a taxi pulled up next to me. the driver said...

"Lady, Lady, i just gotta tell ya,
you should get a hacky license,
you drive just like us!"

it was one of the best compliments i ever had!

I love New York,
even tho i've been out west for over 30 years,
i'm still a New Yawka.
I can curse with the best of truck drivers,
i still rock and roll wit 'Da Boss,
and I have to get my NY hit
at least once a year,
just to keep tuned up!

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of NY's own Central Park

Across from Central Park on 5th Ave. & 74th St.,
living above Mary Tyler Moore's $13,000,000 penthouse,
a Red Tail Hawk named * Pale Male * has taken up residency.
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by clicking the photo of his shadow.

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In the words of Billy Joel
Remember New York, Don't take no shit from nobody!