G1 [DarkStormRising Fanfic]

Fluff. . . Nuff' Said.


So Simple, So Precious

Once Again, Cyclonus sat in the same place he had for the past two nights. The warrior lay upon the soft blanket of grass, his back up against a tree, watching the clear black sky slowly clutter with stars.

A light wind picked up, rattling branches and leaves, sending a chill through his frame, but not unpleasantly. It merely gave a taste of what was denied to him.

The slap of a door hitting its frame brought the Decepticon’s attention away from his thoughts. A small dark figure dragging a stuffed animal came into view. The Draun toddler did not stop until he was practically touching the lieutenant’s side. Plopping himself down, Jaeger stared up into Cyclonus’s dim red optics.

“Sleep?” it was all that broke the odd silence.

Cyclonus shook his head.

A Strange expression passed over the young boys face before he began moving again, right into the Decepticon’s lap. Cyclonus wordlessly watched as the toddler maneuvered into a comfortable position, wiggling and fidgeting until he was satisfied.

“Should you not be in your room resting?” No Answer.

Cyclonus sighed, figuring the child had already fallen asleep. He considered taking him back into the house, but he did not wish to wake anyone. The Decepticon could slip in and out without some much as a trace, but Jaeger on the other hand-

A soft, simple melody touched the lieutenant’s audios; the toddler had begun humming! Though the child did not hit the exact tune each time, he could make out the foreign lullaby. Cyclonus thought perhaps his mother had taught it to him, but it still fascinated him that the boy would repeat her actions.

The warrior relaxed, placing a handover the young one, deciding he’d rather watch the child and enjoy the moment than try to sneak him back into his room and risk the young one waking anyone.

Hours after the child had fallen to slumber, Cyclonus finally gave in, allowing himself to shutdown for the remainder of the night.

When dawn came, Cyclonus found little Jaeger curled up with his head gently resting on the Decepticons chest-plate. His mouth covered one of the ears of his stuffed animal while clutched to it and one of Cyclonus’s arms.

Cyclonus smiled.