(Technically, GoBots)  Like the Z'Taxans and the L'Nark, the Ag Al Arnoth  are one of many species of robotic creatures with their own origin and dealings with or for Cybertron. The Arnoth consider themselves better than Cybertronians simply because they have organic brains (and often, organic eyes).  The Arnoth are not necessarily a hostile race, but they don't particularly like Transformers, either, since it seems the Ag Al Arnoth are often mistaken for Transformers and thereby persecuted by other races whose worlds and lives have been heavily affected by the Cybertronian wars.



The solidified manifestation of a psychic projection; usually from a damaged psyche. Usually created by very powerful minds as an expression of dire need. (Devil's Dance, Chapter C)



The perception and use of light. All living things require the ability to use the Alpha frequency. Light  is necessary physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only do plants use it to produce food, but animals and creatures of all types rely on the perception of light in order to utilize physical senses, to understand and recognize the world around them and maintain emotional stability and endurance in times of stress.


ALPHA TRION At least 96% of the Autobot population believe in the sainthood of Alpha Trion.  Politics has been very good for the pious, sweet old Autobot.  Very few people know the truth about Alpha Trion, which has enabled him to retain the kind of power and influence he holds over the Autobots.  To the greater population, Trion is looked to in awe and reverence, the one held responsible for the creation of Optimus Prime.  This 'claim to fame', however is nothing more than an insidious lie.  

As deceptive as Alpha Trion is, he is also brilliant.  According to Optimus Prime's private logs, Alpha Trion is suspected of propagating much of the strife between Autobots and Decepticons with such inventions as the Triple Changer technology, the Robo Smasher,  and the so-called Pearl of Baj-Hudin.

Until six million years ago, Trion kept the Matrix 'safely' hidden from the greater Autobot population. His personal agendas, however, often ran opposite of Autobot leader Optimus Prime who, more than once, crossed the Autobot Council of Elders and after several betrayals and exiles from Cybertron, decidedly resigned his position. But plagued by visions and horrifying nightmares sent him by the Matrix, Trion surrendered the artifact to Optimus Prime, reluctantly acknowledging he was the rightful heir.

During Optimus Prime's absence on Earth, Shockwave ruled Cybertron with ruthless  totalitarism.  The Autobots fled underground, scavenging a barren existence.  All the while, Alpha Trion entreated the Decepticons for access to Vector Sigma.  Due to depleted resources and tired energy grids, Trion suspected time for Cybertron was running thin.  If he were to survive whatever cataclysm awaited the planet, he believed he needed to take control of the super computer.  At first his plans were foiled by the Autobot underground and he sought for a way to sabotage their advance by eliminating one of their trusted leaders: Elita One.  But Trion's attempts failed until a much later time . . . when Optimus Prime contacted the Underground and notified them he and the others were alive and well on Planet Earth.

Alpha Trion remained undaunted in his attempt to gain control of Vector Sigma.  Finally, in Earth year 2013,  he got the chance.  But his designs failed with the eventual death of Vector Sigma and with it, Cybertron.




Ambassador and foreign relations representative from the Centaurs solar system.  Koontah was hired by Autobot leader Optimus Prime as  mediator between the Autobots and the Quintessons some time after the Autobots lost the war against the Quints on the planet Pluto.  Thereafter, Autobot refugees escaped a terrible Quintesson/ Inoux offensive and for a short time, found refuge under the ambassador's protection.  Koontah also warned the Quintessons regarding their tampering with the time streams and in 2038, reset time in order to balance a fragmenting timeline.



(Draun) A young male; boy.



Short for antigravity.  Any device that utilizes contra-gravity to float or fly.



An alien super-weapon capable of obliterating a small town in a single shot.  The Antares Screamer uses ultra-sonic frequencies that can pierced wood, stone and metal as easily as a hot iron passes through butter. Several such weapons were smuggled to Earth and confiscated by Fortress Maximus authorities in 2030.



Part of the Transformer infrastructural (skeletal) system,  the armitoid  supports super-connectors along the  infrastructure when a Transformer shifts modes.  If the armitoid system is damaged, transformation can be very painful as there is no support for the super-connectors as the infrastructure reconnects.



A silicon-titanium-based life form capable of interlinking with Transformer physiology; a living exoskeleton species that communicate by means of mathematics.



In the Draun language, Bandar is the equivalent of a courtesy title such as 'sir' or 'mister'.



A Quintessons science outpost located in a meteor field just two AU from the Cratian System. Bare Anches is a multi-leveled, multi-project facility which eventuated in the mysterious disappearance of its entire staff.  The Quintessons now consider it cursed: they call it Croix Insepency: (kroy in sep en see) The failure to produce desired results.



Daniel Witwicky's son and second child.  Brian Witwicky, first mentioned in "Testament" worked as a currier for the Doppelganger cult.  Dabbling in the alien DNA-turned-narcotic 'Joys', Brian entangled himself in the affairs of the DNA black market and endangered and betrayed his little sister, Resonna.  Later, Brian is convicted of child endangerment when he poisoned his sister with the drug during an attack at her school.  Brian later dies a violent death during the Inoux/Quintesson invasion on Earth.



(SS) (Klep ra kon) Quintesson ambassador who attended a negotiation with the Autobots.  His job was to distract the Autobots while other Quintessons conducted psychic attacks on Fort Max.  This was short-lived, however, when Clephrachaun was confronted by Ambassador Koontah.



Fortress Horizon's second-in-command.  Shy, considerate Cloudstreaker has the amazing ability to open her subspace conduits and transfer energy from one place to another.  She can also temporarily store tremendous amounts of energy, but cannot go beyond a twelve-minute limit or the energy would consumer her like a living torch.  Cloudstreaker's unfortunate lack of self-confidence has kept her from confiding her secret love for Autobot City Commander Ultra Magnus.



a Transformer 'dietary supplement' consisting of minerals, metals and other additives to replenish repair and systems and components damaged or worn due to daily use or from battle. Sometimes added to energon.



Located in the Procyon solar system in Sagittarius, Cratis sits fourth planet from its sun.  As a world-wide society, Cratis is wrought with such hostility that much of the population killed itself off so that all that now remains are a few pockets of natives while the rest of the planet is inhabited by transient aliens who come and go at will, since there is no government strong enough to keep them at bay.  Cratis is governed mostly by merchant police and a loose-knit government which oversees commerce in general but does little for the population as a whole.  In fact, local police have more power over the immediate population than the government has over all its territories.




cylindrical endostructual stabilizers.

The 'smoke stacks' on either side of Optimus Prime's shoulder struts. Rather than acting like exhaust pipes, the cylindrical stabilizers are exostructural balancers that allow Optimus Prime to keep his center when doing heavy physical feats such as jumping high, hand springs, ect.




Decepticon Female.  A long-lost part of the Decepticon heritage, driven to extinction by Shockwave's mad machinations.  The Decepticon femmes were the spies, assassins and masters of disguise and espionage in the Decpticon ranks.  But because they did not have the inherent ability to transform, Shockwave considered them 'ill-formed' and dispensable.  Megatron reprogrammed Shockwave, but not soon enough to save the femmes.  Later, Galvatron, Prime and Cyclonus encounter a precious number of them in a time bubble on Monicus.



Only child of Spike and Carly Witwicky and Headmaster interface with Autobot warrior Arcee.  Daniel grew up during the most violent period of the Autobot-Decepticon war on Earth and witnessed the death of Autobot leader Optimus Prime.  Later he survived the raves of the Hate Plague and played a small part in the last war on Cybertron before the Decepticons were thrown off it.  Daniel finally settled to a quieter life, went through high school where he met Netty, his future wife, and her sister, Delphra.

 Daniel insisted on living his own life in as much a normal way as he could, though his body was trapped inside an exosuit due to an accident he has on another planet as a child.  They had three children: Dezi, Brian and Resonna.  In spite of a good wife, three children, a good job, Daniel never forgave the fate that glued him to Arcee as a Headmaster.  His bitterness ate him inside out until his children wanted nothing to do with him, particularly his youngest daughter.



A legendary sinister figure in Cybertron history.  Little is known of events leading to or immediately after the worst of Autobot leaders.



The self-declared new leader of the Decepticons.  Decetron has no traceable history beyond his life on Cratis.  His Decepticon army, however, is a collection of savages barely under control.



An electronic tablet, usually used by Autobots for the purpose of maintaining records, exchange documents and/or communication between departments and workers.



A level 2 empathic shield necessary for objective view. this shield allows the empath to see into another person's state of mind without loss of self.



A cult based on the idea that eternity could be attained through mass murder and destruction, paving the way for Rrogoche (row-go-shah) to come to Earth and reward his/her followers.



"I am the Condition that Causes the Effect.
(aka 'Crossy') A two-headed dragon-like Monsterbot femme warrior.
Argumentive, opinionated and a bit undisciplined, Crossy can be a pin in the aft. but she's a hard worker and will take orders if there's a mound of  of detail involved. Corssy is also competitive and likes to show off, especially in front of the Dinobots.

In robot mode, Crossy utilizes a sonic pulsator coupled with a high-frequency burster capable of blowing high-density rock. but guns aren't so much Crossy's style. she prefers her alt mode in battle where two heads are often better than the lonely number of one. Doublecross's   right head spits a nasty corrosive acid and can puncture up to five inches of tungsten steel with her jaws. her tail can crack solid metal and her left head spews liquid nitrogen-though in limited amounts as she has to ingest nitrogen oxide and internally mutate it into a liquid.

Crossy has a friendly disposition but often her argumentive, competitive nature gets herself and others in trouble.



A planet located along the greater trade routes, largely inhabited by its own native peoples and, more recently in its history, by the Ag Al Arnoth.



(According to the comics) An element not currently found in Earth's solar system. The basic fuel used by both Autobots and Decepticons. The 'taste' of Energon depends widely on what it is made from be it oil, electricity or even thermodynamics from a fallen meteor.  Autobots and Decepticons each have their own unique formula for making energon.  Whether or not the Quintessons use it also is not established.



An external framework, usually that of metal, used for battle armor or physical support for those who are incapable of movement in the extremities.
In 2030, EDC science and warfare division created a prototype exoskeleton armor that uses force field technology and subspace fields. Optimus and Rodimus acquired two such prototype armor suits and gave one to Rusti, the other to her sister, Dezi.



Generally referring to any Autobot city on Earth, whether it be Fort Max, Fort Draco, Horizon, Sagittarius and more recently, Fort Zenith on Mars All Autobot cities are sapient beings just like Metroplex and Fortress Maximus and all have the ability to transform to alternate modes.



Autobot City in Germany. Gryphon, or Gryph, is the current city commander. Population breakdown: Autobots: 1,844. Humans: 150,000 Extra-Terrestrials: 1,300.  Fort Draco acts more as a giant manufacturing facility, producing 1/3 of the world's finest metals, engine parts and science equipment. Fort Draco also produces power for 1/4 of Germany's cities and suburbs.



Autobot City, Japan. Convoy is the current city commander.  Population breakdown: Autobots: 1,532. Humans: 2.9 million. Extra-Terrestrials: 1,910.  Fort Horizon is the center of crystal seeding, shellfish farming and the largest export of specialized computer and weapons components.  Not only are Horizon's commodities highly specialized and in strong demand by several extra-systemary planets and nations across the Earth, but it's specialized design is considered one of the most remarkable feats in engineering history.   Unlike Horizon's sister cities such as Maximus in Oregon or Zenith on Mars, Horizon's expanse only extends three and a half miles. The rest of the city is 'stacked' like a spiral staircase.  The Japanese call Horizon "the Winding City".



Autobot City: USA. Ultra Magnus, city commander Population breakdown: Autobots: 2,249.  Humans: 234,000. Extra-Terrestrials: 2,500.  Fortress Maximus is Command Central for the entire Autobot population. Both Autobot leaders choose to reside at Fort Max for personal reasons.  Fort Max is also business central where diplomacy,  trade and wares are processed and exchanged.  Effectively speaking, Fort Max is the 'white collar' of Autobot cities on Earth.



Autobot City, England. Tektonix, city commander. Population breakdown: Autobots: 1,029. Humans: 1.7 million. Extra-Terrestrials: 490.  Before the Autobots awakened in 1984, England's main economy was vastly a tourism trade, the banking system and beef. but by the turn of the century, the beef market fell into chaos from disease and the threat of Decepticon terrorism all but killed England's tourism trade. In 2015, the English government invited the Autobots to consider building a fortress city. Fortress Sagittarius was finished three years later and the Autobots created a thriving economy manufacturing glass. Everything from prescription optical to transparent aluminum and transparent titanium comes out of the British Isles. Extending the specialty further, Great Britain leads the industry in optometry, treating races and species of all kinds. England also boasts of the leading industry utilizing plasma. Over 75% of the world's plasma screens are now designed and manufactured in Fortress Sagittarius.



Autobot City, Australia. Jazz, city commander. Population: Autobots: 1,483. Humans, 7,023. Extra-Terrestrials: 812. Stretching across both land and sea, Fort Sonix is the only city sitting both in water and on land. Sonix is also the largest of fortress cities and dedicated to the protection of Australia's coral reef. Sonix is basically one huge laboratory, farming both plants, animals and minerals for medications across the quadrant because the waters along the Aussie current are just the perfect temperature for growing a multitude of life forms that could not live anywhere else on, or off Planet Earth.



Autobot City: Mars. Strike Back city commander Population: Autobot: 1,000. Human: 120 Extra-Terrestrial: 87. Initially, Fortress Zenith was planned to be a mining community designed to extract minerals and precious metals from Mars.  Planetary conditions on Mars are perfect for manufacturing some medications, certain metals and computer parts.



A shaggy-coated, equine-like beast generally blue in color native to planet Draun.



Transformer 'blood'.  The substance or fluids that transfer fuel to all areas of the robotic life form. Hemotricty can be carried throughout the body by means of specialized lines no thicker than a human hair. Flow is controlled by an electro-chemical nervous system powered by electro-magnetic energy that flows via coil located within the artid walls. Throcytes act as flow stabilizers to keep hemotricity even throughout the Transformer chassis. The artoid walls consist of fleximetal wrapped between layers by a flexible coil upon which travels the electro-magnetic energy.  Some such lines also weave in and out of subspace pockets along the robot's entire physic.



The Transformer skeletal system which includes the following components:
Systemic Nocturn Slips
Lateral Tempoild Explatums
Weight Retraction Instuds
Weight Distribution Conduits



(adj) The term for several or all solar systems within a sector or a number of sector in a galaxy.  (eg) Intersystemary communications such as newsfeeds are broadcasted throughout all or most sapient -inhabited solar systems.



Youngest son of  Nonda and Longt from the planet Draun. Jaeger was born with perfect DNA sequencing that allowed him to control the Temple of Stars on Draun and thereby became the high priest the people had been waiting for millions of years. Jaeger became very fond of Cyclonus upon his visit to Draun with Optimus Prime and Galvatron and Jaeger gave Cyclonus a standing invitation to be his praetorian guard at some point in the future.



Central City chief of police and head of investigations unit. Tolomsky took over as police chief in 2029 after two accidents eliminated the city's former head of investigations and chief of police-both of whom were killed by bombs set by terrorists from a war cult (see *Testament*) Tolomsky's cool-headed manner kept the department from falling apart during the three months the Doppelgangers attacked and later laid siege to the so-called sister cities of Central and Fortress Maximus. Tolomsky lived with his quiet-tempered wife and two sons until the Quintesson/Inoux invasion in 2038. When he lost his family, he was found and cared for by his surrogate niece, Dezi Witwicky who became the leader of the resistance movement.



(Testament) Based on extra-terrestrial DNA, Joys is a chemical compound that when 'adjusted' in one way, can act like a narcotic in the Human body. When 'adjusted' in another direction, it can cause the body to 'superform' so that every cell, every organ in the body can divide and reform, eventually separating into two forms. But only the mind of the originator can control both halves of the same individual; hence, the term 'doppelganger'.  Joys can also alter the physical cell structure to reflect/refract light to such a degree that the physical body can, temporarily, appear completely invisible. But the danger is the person willing to take this risk often dies in a 48-hour period. But to the Doppelganger war cult, death is reward, not loss.



The only word for Human reference that describes the head control of either faction (Autobot and Decepticon) 'Leader' is more than a military general, more than a president or a king. The term is used to explain all aspects of a Prime's (or Tron, for Decepticon) position both in war and peace time, both as a diplomat, as a healer and business manager.



The frequencies of reality at which life exists. Perception is a form of extraction by which the soul and the mind of a living creature thrives in the world it lives. Alpha, the perception of light, Beta, the use of the senses for rationality, Delta, the perception of sound and Gamma: the perception of other life forms.



Nonda's husband, Jaeger's father. (DSR Ch 8)



(DSR Chapter 7)  Gangster warlord who controls a small town on an out-of-the-way gambling facility called Monicus (see Transformers G1 episode "The Gambler") . Galvatron, Optimus Prime and Cyclonus encounter Lord Ry and his powerful courtiers after being taken by Swindle and his Gobot partner, Painter. Ry owns a private army complete with a female warrior known only as the Voog D'Draph.



Second daughter and Optimus Prime's third oldest surrogate child from the planet Draun. Losa is married and has two sons. (DSR chapter 8-B)



Political and business capital for the Beta Centaurus solar system. Lunarphyte is not a planet, but one of two moons rotating around a large, dead planet called Korboth. Lunarphyte is home to the alien species Wancheeah who share their world and history with a small population of Humans.  Ambassador Koontah presides over the foreign and extra-planetary policies between Lunarphyte and its sister worlds and planets and peoples outside Beta Centauri. 



A series of innocuous sequences that reformulated into a virus program which later generated into a creature which feeds off the Matrix and causes irreparable damage to Optimus and Rodimus Prime.

Optimus suspects he was infected with the Virus when the Quintesson first attempted to bring him to life in 2006



In the Procyon System, the third largest planet. Mechlatex is one of two planets inhabited by sentient creatures. In the last eleven million years, Mechlatex has been undergoing a slow, miraculous transformation from an organic to a metallic-based planet.



(ref. G1: The Gambler) Monicus is the Las Vegas of the edge of the Alpha Quadrant. it's basically a chunk of rock capable of supporting any number of life forms.

the only law enforcement on Monicus are the gangs and mobs, the gambling lords and whatever sleezy ilk might be big or powerful enough to hold their own against others of ill repute.

however, Monicus was not always the quadrant's 'back alleyway'. Once it was the top producer of rare minerals and gold ore, blue copper, wells of mercury and veins of black silver. Naturally miners came, the greedy followed. Towns were built and in came the corrupt and corruptible. and since the asteroid floated along no specific trade route, neither planet nor single species could lay claim.

Monicus lies in a loose-knit asteroid belt orbiting a brown dwarf star. once every sixteen 'days', Monicus passes a larger asteroid, Cubis. The gravity well from Cubis tugs at Monicus, creating slight friction in both asteroidal atmospheres. this friction condenses and releases gas pockets along Cubis' surface which results in carbonated rainfall-or as Galvatron put it: it rains soda water.

Monicus is also home to a lost crew of Decepticons whose ship slipped out of  their time line during a time ripple. Sadly enough, Monicus was torn apart during a severe time storm and no traces of either city, inhabitant or Decepticon femme (see D-Femme) now remains to be found.






Draun common trade for 'father' or family 'provider'.























PROJECTILE AXIOM  A First-level empathic shield that establishes and separates oneself from  crowd or a person in distress.









A shield that absorbs emotional shock utilizing ability of rationales and logic. This separates the mind from traumatic events occurring to someone outside the self.



A level 3 empathy shield  that disables the impact of an outsider's stress from the empath; bouncing the emotion away from the empath




(rev*an*aj*n)  noun A species of creature that feeds off emotions-both good emotions and bad. It is theorized that the Matrix Virus is a form of Revanaj'n






Daniel Witwicky's youngest child and second daughter. At the time of birth, Rusti suffered from a unique perceptive deficiency which seemed available only to her through Transformer life form frequencies.



In the Draun Language, Mother or female care-taker.



Former guardian of Cybertron and destroyer of all femmes on Cybertron.






(aka subspace field) A field or area generated by a Transformer as a natural part of their life force. Utilizing Cybertonium, energon and sparking a protonic/anti electron sphere, this 'space within space' can be expanded or diminished according to a Transformer's ability to generate the field. Speculatively, Transformers cannot exist in greater space than what their robotic forms can balance or control in movement . Originally, Transformers were equipped with subspace fields in order to carry tremendous loads or weight greater than their own mass. But when the Autobots invented transforming, they utilized the subspace for mass/weight control of their alternate forms and weapons storage (since it's not good to leave weapons at home). Because the subspace pockets are 'under space' (aside from time) living things cannot exist in them for extended periods of time due to the cessation of cellular cohesion.



Nocturn slips utilize personal subspace fields as the Transformer folds and bends; maintaining one area rather than the transformer falling to pieces then back together like a morpher might.



The sudden realization of a traumatic event and the inability to control or deal with the situation. Often emotional terminal shock leads to a catatonic state.



Also can be considered a Micro Universe: usually a time bubble is the result of a time fracture that closes off at a certain point of time, usually at an event. This means the time bubble becomes a causality loop where events repeat themselves without the ability to move forward in time. (See "One Breath, Two")



noun The type of relationship between Optimus and Rodimus Prime; closer than friends, closer than brothers but with no sexual relations.  Their relationship is vyrestic in nature.



Specialized shock absorbers used by Transformers as they shift from one mode to another. The WDC's keep the Transformer from losing control and balance in shifting from mode to mode especially when transforming as they move such as in battle or running before shifting into a flying vehicle.



Specialized shock absorbers used by Transformers as they shift from one mode to another. The instuds aid in balance and prevent damage along joints and crevices. Damage to the instuds can be very painful.



An ancient mechanoid disease that alters the chemical composition within certain components of bio-mechanisms such as Ag Al Arnoth, Z'Taxans and Transformers.  Zatra Tatlic is usually contacted only through contaminated energon such as can be found on many 'backwater' planets like Thelepeg or 'back ally' places like Monicus.




(zhah tat tak) A council consisting of super creatures and sapient from all corners of the universe who determine the safety and freedom of billions of worlds and life forms. It was the decision of the Zha'Tat'Tach to imprison Primacron into the body of an insect for his crimes against the peoples and worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Council has also determined that the Inoux are in this reality illegally and should be removed at all costs.







DSR--Dark Storm Rising


DD--Devil's Dance


SS--Silent Scream


SUM--Summer Storm