Sawhorses !!

Sawhorses are worthwhile projects in a woodworking shop and especially when you need to go and be the "Cabinet Doctor" outside the shop

They don't need to be ugly, single purpose things either. There is already plenty of that in the world as it is and single purpose horses take up too much space in an average basement/garage shop.

The above picture shows my original portable workbench/toolbox horses. I came up with this idea oh, must have around 1975, (can you believe it's been that long ago?)

There is a lift off tool tote on top of the drawer case. This has little pockets for small things that want to get lost, under those bumps you see on the lid.

You'd think the second horse would cause trouble being on casters. I have never found it to. You almost always end up working on one end of a plank or beam and even when you aren't most of the motion in linear and with the piece clamped to the stable bench it doesn't want to move.    



Below is the Big Mammoo sawhorse.

A horse like this comes in handy for jobs requiring abject brutality as well as finessing that which you require absolutely no movement. Plus my granddaughter thinks it's her private workbench into the bargain.

Here is the smallest sawhorse. I call it the sawhorsie.  It was made to toss up into the rafters or general construction work. I originally made a companion horse exactly like a egular sawhorse, only appropriately sized. Tiny thing.

 I made the mistake of taking it up to the mine one time where it found such favor as a handly lightweight small step stool that it got plumb wore out.

  I need to make another.