(1 1/2 yrs old)

"My Web Page" is dedicated to my grandaughter, Nikole Roach. 


The storybook animations are examples of Gif 89 animations drawn with Paint Shop Pro by JASC and Corel Photo Paint.
The "cells" were put together with the Gif Construction Set by Alchemey MindWorks.

You may download my image files to your computer only if you include the (c) information on the page.
You're welcome to copy source files in order to view the pages with your kids on your browser (where they will load much quicker).
In order to make the pages work, make a directory for the pictures named "hpics" and for sound, "hsound".

These are only for personal use. Do not use them commercially or in chat rooms.

The backgrounds and music are available as noted at the bottom of the pages. 




Music: Stroll by Thomas Thurston, available from: Smick & Smodoo's Music Page
Pause Song: