Octi's Garden
Octi's Poem 
by Bobbie Lindquist
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Octi is an octopus
he lives down in the sea
off the coast of california
and close by me.

He is just a little guy
not bigger than a pinch
the fact is quite simple
he is only an inch

Octi moves around the sea
swaying to and fro
because he has no backbone
to hamper his free flow

He has a wonderful brain
inside his little head
trial and error is his way
to solve problems, it is said

Octi remembers what he does
like an elephant, never forgets
so when the problem comes again
he solves it, doesn't fret

He has a lot of legs
eight to be exact
and each one has some suckers
and this is quite a fact

When threatened by an enemy
Octi can escape
by releasing clouds of purple ink
and a getaway he can make

You can tell how Octi is feeling
by the color of his skin
white is fear, red is anger
and brown is where he will begin


Octi's Poem copyright B.J. Lindquist 1997 - Thank you Bobbie!