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Happy Halloween!
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Spiders Spiders and Flying Cat Kids Treaters
Dragon Broom
Dragon Hallo and Baby Witch
Happy Halloween
Silly Goblins
Worms Weird Worms Scare Bear and Kitty Bear, Cat, Little Witch and Boo!
Trick or Treat Text and Spooks Hoot Owls
Toil and Trouble Witch Cooking StarMaker Wizard
Cat Witch Witch  and Cat  and Ghost Devil Devil
Pumpkid and ...  4 Halloween 'Toons Batty Bat
 Witches  and Goons
Spooky 'Toons
Ghost Ride
 Moldie Oldies and Fish...
 Mold Sandwich and ...
Pumpkin House
Halloween Mouse
Witch Ride
Witch Rides Broom
Ele Ride
Ele Rides with Mouse
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Our friendly zombie welcomes you to his room! Although someone should tell him that witches use brooms!
Spiders, witches, goblins and ghouls! Use these animations as your Halloween tools
Print them out to make anything a spooky delight! Even sunbrella fabrics will fill you with fright!
Or you can put them on your candy this year! Just make sure trick-or-treaters get a taste of fear!

Personal or School Webpages Only, No Distribution of any kind,
If you use any of my animations, include this credit: "animated.gif (c) Kitty Roach."
If you want to link, please do!