Basic Songbird Diet

This basic diet works well with all insectivorous, omnivorous, and (in smaller amounts) seed-eating birds, and works well as a weaning diet for fledging birds. Freezes well.

1 cup dry dogfood of good quality, soaked (i.e., Science Diet or Pro Plan)
1/4 cup Purina turkey starter
1/2 crushed brewer's yeast tablet
1/4 teaspoon Super Preen
1 drop cod liver oil

Mix all ingredients thoroughly with a spoon. Consistency should be equivelent to canned dogfood, so additional water may be necessary.

Mixture can be pressed into pine cones or bark crevices, or spread on a tray or astro turf. Finding ways to challenge these little guys so they will better be able to hunt and forage for themselves in the wild is a challenge in itself!

Begin offering 25% of body weight per day, more for fledging, thin, or injured birds. Offer basic diet 1:1 with mealworms, waxworms, earthworms and/or naturally occuring insects as available. Supplement with fruit, vegetables, hard-boiled egg yolks and Petamine. For seed eating birds, add commercial wild bird seed mix, pine nuts, acorns and other natural food items as available. Please refer to Songbird Diet chart for specific food habits of songbirds.
Most recent update: April 17, 1997 by Kelly Jensen

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