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World War II Pacific Theater of Operations


General Resources

A-Bomb WWW Museum

Atomic Bomb: Decision (Hiroshima-Nagasaki)

Atomic spaces: living on the Manhattan Project

Capital Ship Actions Of WWII

Costs of the Manhattan Project

Imperial Japanese Navy Page

Japanese Aviation

Japanese Aviation & Military Web Ring

Japanese Internment Camps

WCCA Operations Manual

Internment Camp Gallery

Manhattan Project

Naval Air War in the Pacific

Pictures of the War in the Pacific

Project Manhattan


Trinity Atomic Web site

United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (Pacific War)

World War II: the Asian Front

WWII in the Pacific


William F. Halsey

William F. 'Bull' Halsey

MacArthur Memorial

Douglas MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur

General Douglas MacArthur

Chester Nimitz

Lewis B."Chesty" Puller

Tojo, Hideki


Unit Histories

Annals of the Flying Tigers

The Cactus Air Force

Code Talkers, America's Secret Weapon

Kamikaze: Tribute of Memory

Special Operations Executive Oriental Mission

USMC: War in the Pacific

US Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report

WWII Battleships and Battlecruisers

Zero Fighter World


1200 Days: Autobiography of the Bataan Death March

Bataan, Corregidor Memorial Page

American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor

Battle of the Coral Sea

Battle of Midway

Battle of Midway 1942: the fight for the Pacific

Midway: Air War Over the Pacific

The Battle of Midway 1942

Battle off Samar

Battleship Row

Battling Bastards of Bataan

The Burma Campaign

Guadalcanal Diary

Story of the Guadalcanal Campaign

End of the Japanese Navy: the Battle of Leyte Gulf

Firebombing of Kobe and Osaka


Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

Hiroshima Photos

Hiroshima Archive

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945

Remembering Nagasaki

Hiroshima Archive

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Exhibition

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima.com

Iwo Jima, A Look Back

National Iwo Jima Memorial Monumnet

Lest We Forget: Memoir of the Philippine Liberation

Northern Marianas in WWII

Okinawa: The American Years

Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941

Pearl harbor Attacked

Attack At Pearl Harbor

Remembering Pearl Harbor

My Story: Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Remembered

Battle of Saipan

Tarawa on the Web

Wake Island Photo Album

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