In an effort to enhance the historical researcher's quest for facts concerning the Vietnam War the resources provided have been previewed for academic content. Some of the views expressed on some sites are biased and hold one view point. It is up to the researching historian to use the evidence and critical thinking to derive some form of universal truth about the events. The historical point of views provided in the resourced sites are of individual webmasters and not that of Histor

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Vietnam Units Online


1st Cav Medic

1st Signal Bn

1/4Cav Hub Site

4th Infantry Division Association

Co C, 1/5 Cav, 1st Cav Div

5th Maint Bn

5th Special Forces Group (Abn)

Co, B 1/7 Cav

Co, B 7th Engineers

D/2-8, 1st Cav

8th Transportation Group

4th Bn, 9th Infantry Regt

9th Div Black Panthers

9th Medical Laboratory

11th Armored Cavalry in Vietnam and Cambodia

11th Light Infantry Brigade

D Co 1/20, 11th Light Infantry Bde

B Co  3/12 Infantry

15th FA Regt

7/15 Field Artillery

A Troop 2/17  101st Abn

22nd Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division Artillery

25th Infantry Division Door Gunners “Shotgun

1/5th 25th Inf Div

35th Inf Regt. org

39th Scout Dog Platoon

4/47 Inf - 9th Inf Div

1/50 Inf

1/61 Infantry Regt

1/69 Armor

86th Eng Bn

1/92nd Field Artillery: Brave Cannons

Screaming Eagles: 101st Airborne Div

101st Airborne LRRP

127th Military Police Co Photo Album

A/158th AV BN


175th Mavericks - Assault Helicopter

175th Engineers

 Co C 4/12 199 Light Inf Bde

 2nd Bn 3rd Inf 199th LIB,

258th Signal Detachment

A/299th Combat Eng

D Co. 2/501st INF 101st Airborne

551st Light Maintenance Co.

569th Engr. Co - Topo Corps

630th Engineer Company

Combat Tracker Teams

U.S. Army Special Forces 1961-1971


Air Force

History of the OV-1 Mohawk in Vietnam, 1962 -1972


A-1 Skyraider Combat Journal

US Navy Seawolves, Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron Three 1966-1972



Battles and Ops


Battle of Long Tan

Battle for Dong Ha

Hamburger Hill

Khe Sahn Vets Page

LZ X-Ray

Vietnam War Battles

Vietnam War
Battles, Campaigns, Offensives, Operations, Programs


Mr. Charles 


Non- US Units

5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

Royal Australian Army Medical Corps

Oral History

Tran Van Tra's Comments on Tet '68

Village Chief and the Assassins



1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion

1st BN 1st Marines

2/1: CO H

Lima 3/3

2/5 Marines

3/5 Marines

3/5: CO I

3/5: CO L

7th Marines-Semper Fi

1/7: CO C

1/7: CO D

2/7 CO G

3/7: CO K

2/9 Marines

2/12: Battery E

1/26: CO A

2/26 2nd Platoon: CO G 

2/26: CO H



7th Engineer BN

Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365

USMC RVN Chopper Assoc.


About the Vietnam War (1960-1975)
Modern American Poetry

My Tour

National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Welcome to the Hanoi Hilton

TIME Magazine: The Vietnam War Archive Collection

TLC Brotherhood

Vietnam Combat Art

Veterans of the Vietnam War

Vietnam Pix

Vietnam Veteran Institute

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today

Vietnam Pictures Archive

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall

Vietnam Veterans Memorials Around the World

Vietnam: Stories Since the War

Vietnam era POW/MIA database
(Library of Congress)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project

Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang

Vietnam Veterans' War Stories

The Virtual Wall: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam War Bibliography


Vietnam War 1962–1972
 Australian War Memorial

The Vietnam War Declassification Project

The Wall: The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial


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