Spanish American War

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Spanish-American War



Action Reports and First Hand Accounts

American Ships in the Spanish-American War

The Battle of Santiago

The Commander's Book Review Page

Images of War and Empire from the Spanish-American War

Images from the Philippine-United States War

MPBC's Article,

The Philippine War and Anti-Imperialism

The Red Cross & Women in the Spanish American War

The Rough Riders by Teddy Roosevelt

Spanish-American War

Spanish American War



The Spanish American War Centennial Website

Spanish American War Page

The Spanish American War in Motion Pictures

Find Your Spanish American War Ancestor

Spanish American War Chronology

Spanish Ships in the Spanish American War

Spanish-American War and Philippine Resistance

Spanish-American War Page

Spainish American War in Motion Pictures
Library of Congress

Teddy Roosevelts's First Hand Accounts

Theodore Roosevelt Page

United States Imperialism and the Philippines

Working Bibliography of the Spanish American War

The World of 1898: The Spainish American War
Library of Congress, Hispanic Division

Yellow Fever and The Spanish American War


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