The First Americans

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200 Years of Fire and Thunder

Aboriginal Star Knowledge

About Plain Indians' Shields

The First Americans


Adena People



Animal Spirit Guides- Totems

Ancestors Quest


Artic Studies Center

Archaeology in British Columbia

Archaeology of the Iroquoian Longhouse

Archaeology of the Tundra and Arctic Alaska

Bannock War-1878

Bear Heart Gallery

California Indian Library Collections

Channel Island



Chickasaw Nation

CHICKASAW Historical Research

Choctaw Nation

Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Columbus' History of Genocide


Compact HistoriesCow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians

Crees of Northern Quebec

Delaware Tribe of Indians

Desert People & Cultures

Disrupting Societies

Dream Catchers

Eastern Woodlands Indians

Eklutna Village Historical Park

Etowah Indian Mounds

First Nations in Canada

First Nation's Site Index

First person histories of the NW Coast

Possible older date for FIRST humans in the Americas


History of the CALIFORNIA Indians

History of Native Americans in West Virginia

History of the Northwest Coast

History of Tecumseh

Ho-Chunk Nation


Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Index - American Indian Tribal Directory

Indians of the Great Basin

Indians of Okefenokee

Indians of Texas

Indigenous People's Literature


Inuit Cultural Prospectives

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

Iroquois Nations

Iroquois Native

Iroquois Oral Tradition

Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe

Kiowa Transition  

Kiowa Drawings


Legends and Myths

Lenape Village

Links to American Indian History


Lord's of the Earth- Maya-Aztec-Inca

Mechoopda Indian Tribe

Menominee Nation Treaty Rights

Miami Nations

Moundbuilders- North Georgia's Early Inhabitants

Mohawk Nation

Mohegan Tribe And Nation

Mounds and Mound Builders


Mysterious Places

Myths and Legends of the Sioux

Nanticoke Lenn-Lenape Indians of New Jersey

Navajo Nation

National Museum of the American Indian

The Native American Adventure

Native American Conquest
Hernando de Soto's role in the New World

NA Indian Info Links

Native America


Native American Beliefs

Native American Clashes with European Settlers

Native American Conquest

Native American Culture Map

Native American Database

Native American Documents Project

Native Americans in Garza County

Native American History

Native American History Archive

Native American History and Artwork

Native American History Documents and Photos

Native American Indian Resources

Native American Links

Native American Lore Index

Native American Nations

Native American Resources

Native Americans- Kid Info

Native Americans in Knox County, Ohio

Native Americans in New Mexico

Native American Shelters

Native American Spirituality

Native American Star Knowledge

Native American Timeline Topics

Native American Tribes

Native Americans in the US Military


Native Web

Native Wisconsin

Nez Perce

Northeast Wigwam Tribes

NW Coast Indian History

Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation

Ojibwe Nation

Osage Nation

Paleoindian Tradition


Pennsylvania Indians

Pequot War

Petroglyph Tour

Pocono Indian Museum

Powhatan Renape Nation Reservation

Ramapough Mountain Indians

Salt River Pima-Mericopa


Seminole History

Sioux Nation

Suquamish Tribe

Taos Pueblo

This Week in Native American History

Taino Indian Culture

Thunder Mountain Lenape Nation


Tlingit National Anthem: Alaska Natives Online

Topo Chico - Aztec Legend

Trail of Tears

Tribal Index  



Ute History


West Virginia Petroglyphs

Windover History

Wounded Knee

Wyandot Nation




Associated Websites


War & Military History

Gourmet Rock & Roll