The Explorers

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The 1492 Exhibit
Library of Congress

1492: An Ongoing Voyage
Library of Congress Exhibit

The Age of Discovery

Alphabetical List of Explorers

A List of Explorers Who Died During their Voyages

Chronology and Bibliography of the Age of Exploration

Cartier, Jacques (1491-1557)


The Columbus Navigation Homepage

Columbus Navigation Homepage

Columbus's Ships

The First Voyage of Columbus

Discoverers Web Homepage

European Voyages of Exploration

European Voyages of Exploration: Prince Henry the Navigator

European Voyages of Exploration: Shipbuilding

Exploration and Discovery Home Page

European Voyages of Exploration: Asia:Vasco da Gama


European Voyages of Exploration: Imperial Spain

Henry the Navigator

Jacques Cartier

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Francisco de Coronado

Juan Bautista de Anza

Mariners Museum: Age of Exploration

Timeline of Exploration

Timeline of Naval Exploration Until the Death of Cook

Sebastian Vizcaino's Exploration of Monterey

Portola Expedition of 1769

Portuguese Voyages of Discover

The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca

The Spanish Era

The Vikings Link Pages

Voyages of Discovery

Possibility of America having been discovered before 1492




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