In today's educational climate one of the best ways to keep students engaged is to utilize current technology. The items listed on this page are the most popular electronic technologies available. Click on a product link for specifications, pricing and availability.

Top Selling 


Kindle Fire HD




 LCD Projector


Blue Ray DVD Player

LCD Projectors

The new wave of classroom presentation technology!


 1. ViewSonic PJD5123 SVGA DLP Projector 120Hz/3D Ready, 2700 Lumens, 3000:1 DCR

 2. ViewSonic PJD5123 SVGA DLP Projector 120Hz/3D Ready, 2700 Lumens, 3000:1 DCR

 3. Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land HDMI LCD Projector

 4. Epson EX5210 Projector (Portable XGA 3LCD, 2800 lumens color brightness, 2800 lumens white brightness, HDMI, rapid setup)

 5. ViewSonic PJD5133 SVGA DLP Projector - HDMI, 2700 Lumens, 3000:1 DCR, 120Hz/3D Ready, Speaker



 6. FAVI RioHD-LED-2 Mini Projector

 7. Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector

 8. VVME V01 LCD HDMI Projector 1080p HD Compatible For  Home Cinema, Movie, Video Games

 9. Acer X1161P 3D-DLP Projector

 10. Olens Technology XPJ Personal Entertainment Projector



DVD Players  DVD/VHS Combos DVD Player/Recorder


 1. Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player (Upscaling)

 2. Toshiba SD4300 Progresive Scan DVD Player (Black)

 3. Sony DVP-SR200P/B DVD Player, Black

 4. Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player (Progressive Scan)

 5. Panasonic DVD-S48 Progressive Scan DVD Player

 6. Curtis DVD1046 Progressive Scan Auto Load Compact DVD Player

 7. Sony DVP-SR500H 1080p Upscaling DVD Player

 8. CyberHome CH-DVD 300 Progressive-Scan DVD Player

 9. Sony DVP-NS700H/B 1080p Upscaling DVD Player, Black 

 10. Toshiba D-R4 Multi-Drive DVD Recorder


 1. Toshiba SD-V296 Tunerless DVD VCR Combo

 2. Magnavox DV225MG9 DVD Player & 4 Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR with Line-in Recording

 3. Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder, Black

 4. Toshiba SD-V296 DVD/VCR Player

 5. Magnavox ZV427MG9 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, HDMI 1080p Up-Conversion, No Tuner

 6. Philips DVP3345VB DVD Player -Black

 7. Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR Tunerless Progressive Scan DVD/VHS Combo Player

 8. Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder with Built In Tuner

 9. Philips DVP3345VB DVD/VCR Combo Player Progressive Scan - Black

 10. Panasonic PV-D4754S Progressive Scan DVD / VCR Combo


 1.Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder (Black)

 2. Magnavox ZC320MW8 DVD Recorder

 3. Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder, Black

 4. Magnavox ZV427MG9 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, HDMI 1080p Up-Conversion, No Tuner

 5. Toshiba RD-XS52 DVD Player/Recorder with 160 GB Hard Drive and HDMI Interface

 6. Toshiba RD-XS32 Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with 80 GB Hard Drive

 7. Sony RDR-GX7 DVD Recorder

 8.  Sony RDR-GXD455 Single Deck DVD Recorder with Built In HD Tuner

 9. Toshiba DR560 1080p Upconverting DVD Recorder with Built In Tuner

 10. Philips Hard Disk/DVD Recorder 160 GB

Digital Video Recorders

Blue Ray DVD Players



 TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR, Black

 Digital Stream DPH1000R HDTV Recorder with Digital Tuner and 320 GB HDD (Black)



1. Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (Black)

 2. Sony BDPBX39 Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi and HDMI cable (Black)

 3. Sony BDP-S185 Blu-Ray Disc Player

4. Toshiba BDX2150 Wifi-Ready Blu-ray Disc Player - Black

 5. LG BP220 2D Blu-Ray Player with Smart TV (Black)

 6. LG BD630 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

 7. Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player

 8. Sony BDP-N460 Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

 9. Panasonic DMP-BD80 High Clarity Audio Blu-ray Disc Player, Black

10.  Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-ray Disc/VHS Multimedia Player


Surround Sound

Make the learning experience come alive !!!

Bose Lifestyle 535 Series II Home Entertainment System

The Best You Can Buy!


 1. Panasonic SC-HT920 5-Disc DVD Home Theater System

 2. Panasonic SC-HT05 Home Theater System

 3. Sony HT-DDW660 Home Theater System

 4. Sony DAV-BC150 5-Disc Progressive Scan DVD Home Theater System

 5. Sony DAV-FR1 5-Disc Progressive Scan DVD Dream System


 6. Toshiba SD-V55HT DVD / VCR Home Theater System

 7. Magnavox MRD210 Progressive Scan DVD Home Theater

 8. Philips LX3750W Progressive Scan DVD Home Theater in a Box

 9. Yamaha NS-P436 Digital Home Theater Speaker Package

 10. Sony HT-DDW760 Home theater audio system


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