The news resources listed below are a sample of the vast media world. Any bias or propaganda in the content of the links is the intent of the resource and not Histor If you wish to submit a current events link that is relevant to historical research (or find a dead link)  please, email us.


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ABC News

ABC Interactive

Afghanistan News.Net

AJR News Link



Anchorage Daily News

AP Wire Services

Asia News

Asia Times Online

Australia News


The Boston Globe

Central Europe News 



Chicago Tribune

CNN Interactive

CNNfn - the financial network

Deutsche Welle

ENN: Environmental News Network

France Daily

Google News

Houston Chronicle Interactive

(International News Source)

Iraq Daily

Iran Daily

The Japan Times Online

Japan Today

Kansas City Star

The Korea Herald

Maps in the News

Mexico Daily

MidEast Web 

The Moscow Times


The NASA News room

The Nando Times

The New York Times on the Web

News Bot

North Korea News

NPR : National Public Radio

The Onion

Philadelphia Inquirer/Examiner

Philippine News Online

Professional Cartoonists



Sacramento Bee

Total News

United Nations News Service

USA Newspapers

USA Today

Vietnam News.Net

VOA News - Voice of America

Yahoo Headlines

Scandinavia News

Serbia Info (YU)

SRNA Daily News

Planeta: South America News

Washington Post

Wired News





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