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Biography Of The Millenium: 100 People 1000 Years

Abraham Lincoln

Adam & Eve

Admiral Chester Nimitz

Admiral Richard Byrd

Admiral William "Bull" Halsey: Naval Warrior

Al Capone - Scarface

Albert Einstein

Alexander Graham Bell

Amelia Earhart

Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film

Andrew Carnegie


Ayatollah Khomeini

Babe Ruth

Barry Goldwater: Photographs & Memories

Beethoven: The Sound And The Fury

Benedict Arnold

Benjamin Franklin

Bernard Law Montgomery

Bill Clinton

Bob Hope: America's Entertainer

Bob Hope: Memories of World War II

Brigham Young

Buffalo Bill

Bugsy Siegel - Gambling on the Mob

Caligula: Reign of Madness

Charles Dickens - A Tale of Ambition and Genius

Charles Manson - Superstar

Charles Manson and the Boston Strangler - The Untold Story

Charles Lindbergh

The Complete Churchill

Christopher Columbus

Cleopatra - Destiny's Queen

Colin Powell - A Soldier's Campaign

Colin Powell - A General's General

Conrad Hilton - Innkeeper to the World


Crazy Horse

Cronkite Remembers

Daniel Boone

Definitive Dali

Donald Trump

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Edgar Allan Poe

El Che: Investigating a Legend

Eleanor Roosevelt

American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt

Einstein : How I See the World

Elizabeth I: Virgin Queen

Evita - The Woman Behind the Myth

Ernest Hemingway

Ernesto Che Guevara: The Bolivian Diary

Erwin Rommel

The Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR - Complete Set

FDR - Fear Itself

FDR - The Center of the World

FDR - The Grandest Job in the World

FDR - The Juggler

FDR: Years of Crisis

Fidel Castro

Frank Lloyd Wright:

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

The American Experience - Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind

Gene Autry - America's Singing

General George C. Marshall

General Douglas MacArthur

General Omar Bradley

George Armstrong Custer

George Bush - His World War II Years

George Washington: Founding Father


Gilda Radner

Genghis Khan

Harry S Truman

The Story of Harry Truman

Henry Ford

Henry Kissinger

Huey Long

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Changing the Rules


Houdini - The Great Escape



Idi Amin

Issac Newton

Ivan the Terrible


J. Pierpont Morgan

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Jack the Ripper

Jackie Robinson

Jimmy Carter

Jesus - His Life

John Gotti - A Mafia Story

John Steinbeck: An American Writer

John Wilkes Booth

Josef Mengele

Joseph Stalin

Josip Broz Tito

J.P. Morgan

King Arthur

King George III

LBJ: The American Experience

Lee Harvey Oswald

Leif Ericson

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Remembered

Leonardo Da Vinci

Lucky Luciano - Chairman of the Mob

Malcolm X

Marco Polo

Marie Antoinette

Mark Twain

Marquis De Sade

Martin Luther King, Jr

Mary of Nazareth - A Mother's Life


Milton Berle

Milton Hershey - The Chocolate King


Moshe Dayan - A Warrior's Story

Mother Teresa - A Life of Devotion


Mussolini - Italy's Nightmare

Napoleon Bonaparte: The Glory of France

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Journey to Freedom

Nicholas & Alexandra


Nostradamus - Prophet of Doom

Oskar Schindler, Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust

Patrick Henry

Paul Revere - The Midnight Rider

Pocahontas - Her True Story

Pancho Villa

Pol Pot

Pope John Paul II - Statesman of Faith

Prince Charles

Richard Nixon - Man and President

The Real Richard Nixon - Complete Set

Ronald Reagan

Sam Walton

Samson & Delilah

Santa Claus

Senator Joseph Mccarthy

Sir Isaac Newton

Sitting Bull

Solomon & Sheba

Stonewall Jackson

Susan B. Anthony

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Old Testament Collection

The Three Stooges

Theodore Roosevelt - Roughrider to Rushmore

Thomas Jefferson - Philosopher of Freedom

Thomas Jefferson: A Film by Ken Burns

Timothy Leary's Last Trip

Timothy Leary's Dead

Vladimir Lenin

Wilbur & Orville Wright

William Shakespeare - Life of Drama

William Shakespeare - Life of Drama

Superstar - The Life & Times of Andy Warhol

Yasser Arafat




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