Ancient Warefare

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Alexander by Plutarch

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia

Arrian on Alexander the Great's Campaigns 

Alexander the Great Versus the Romans 


Ancient Chinese Military and Warfare

Military of Ancient China

Warfare in Ancient China


Ancient Egypt Warfare

Excerpts from an account of the Battle of Kadesh between the Egyptians and the Hittites during the Time of Rameses II


Ancient Greek Military Technology

Xerxes' Plan to Invade Greece, the Bridging of the Hellespont and the Persian Order of Battle 

The Battle of Thermopylae according to Herodotus

The Battle of Salamis according to Herodotu

Warfare in Ancient Greece



Military History Of Ancient India

War in Ancient India

Warfare in Ancient India


Ancient Roman Navy

Phalanx Versus Legion 

Polybius on the Roman Army  

Livy describes the Early Roman Army 

The Career of Marcus Crassus 

The Roman Army

The Roman Army and Warfare

Roman Wars

Roman Weapons and Tactics

SPQR Online

The Wars of the Jews and the Destruction of Jerusalem

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