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Archaeology WebSites

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Antiquity Online

Guide to Ancient History

AncientHistory - K-12


Archeology Magazine & A Guide to Classical Archeology

ArchNet WWW

ArchWeb:WWW Server Nederlandse Archeologie

Aristoriton:Magazine of History & Archaeology 



Department of Archaeology, York University

Leptiminus (Tunisia) Archaeological Project

Newstead Project: A Roman Fort in Scotland

Philodemus Project: Scrolls from the Villa dei Papiri,

Pompeii Forum Project, University of Virginia

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology


Ancient History Link Pages

Anglo-Saxon History


History Link 101.com

Ancient History

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Home Page

The Internet Classics Archive

Ancient World Web

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Torture Dungeon: History & Political Torture

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Maecenas:Images of Ancient Greece and Rome

Roman Forum

The Ancient World Web: Main Index

The Museum of Antiquities

Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua

Classics and Mediterranean Archeology

Early Church Documents -- ca 96-150 A.D.



Angelcynn - Anglo-Saxon History 400-900AD




Australian History

Australian History on the Internet

Australian History Online.com




Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire


Byzantine Studies on the Net









Ancient Megaliths


Celtic and Druidic Practices

Celtic Britain




ABZU Regional Index: EGYPT

Life in Ancient Egypt

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

Guardian's Egypt

Ancient Egypt Site

Egyptian Mythology


Alexandria: Ptolemaic, Roman-Egypt and Byzantine

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt: K-12

Ancient Egypt On the Internet

Annual Egyptological Bibliography home page

Apis bull

Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Bust of Pharaoh Seti


CMCC-Mysteries of Egypt

Digital Mummies: Ancient Faraos on the Net

DukeUniversity Special Collections Library

Egypt WWW Index

Egyptian Maritime Exploration

Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit

Egyptian Art

Egypt's Eastern Desert (US)

Egyptology Resources from the University of Cambridge


Hatshepsut's Expedition to Punt

Herodotus on Egypt

History of Ancient Egypt


Odyssey in Egypt

Women in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt



Giza, Egypt Radar Image from NASA

Giza Plateau Mapping Project

Gold Hawk


Journal:nZPE: Index of the Journal of Papyrology

Karanis Project WWW Home Page

Lion inscribed for Pharaoh Nectanebo I

Mask of a Mummy

The Nasamonians Explore the Sahara


Nekhebet: The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Newton Institutute Egyptology Homepage

Nubia- "Its glory and its people": 1987 Exhibition

Nubia Exhibits at the Oriental Institute Museum, U. Chicago

Pharoahs of Egypt

Pharaoh's Heart - Egyptology Page

Papyrological Resources

Portals To Eternity: Necropolis at Terenouthis

The Wonders Of Ancient Egypt

Room in the Egyptian Museum (Vatican)

Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser

Tel el Amarna Collection

Torso of Pharaoh Nectanebo I

WadiNatrun (Egypt)


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