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" We are a great mix of skill levels. Together we learn much faster. So feel free to ask any question on Photo images, Editing, printing, slideshows , Music, sound editing and DVD movie creating , Burning CD’s , DVD’s  and VCD’s " Bring news articles and magazine tips to share!.  Jane Quinn S.I.G.Leader


Requests For Next Class Session:  Roxio DVD making with videos created in PhotoStory3 (PS3) .  We need to simplify this process so ALL know how to use the classroom software and make DVD's in the classroom. 

This new version 9 has a small video (.wmv) in the main menu! If you create your own short .wmv with music( 5 sec cause it's the intro ) i.e Italy pics with appropriate song to use on the Main Screen. Or you could just have a  photo appear. But I must say this no menu is worth a review. I like it.

We will be burning DVD's this day. So bring in your projects. Remember save your project to disc as well as your .wmv movie created in PS3.

NOTE :  there are no BUTTONS in this version . It is TEXT that appears on the Main Screen to click on 

Reviewed this week May 3rd    

Q. How can I replace a headshot of someone in my picture?  

Tips and Tricks of Photo Editing in Digital Image Suite ( all versions).


Begin by opening both JPG files. You will be creating OBJECTS to work with in this png project.  Click on  the photo with the good headshot. Use the edge finder to mask off ( trace around ) that head. Create a copy of the object ( Edit, Copy)   You see the copied object appear in the STACK.   Next Click on the Group Photo  from the FILES column. Now click PASTE. the " head" will now appear on the Group Photo as an object. Use the Transparency Brush ( Effects, Transparency, Transparency  Brush ) to erase and soften the edges around the object. Now to make the object look more natural use the tool Skew Object. ( Effects, Skew Object )  

Q. Can I add a heart shape around a person in my photo?
Yes, you can. Find the heart in  SHAPE from the left column "Add Something" . Click the heart shape and it will appear as an object on the canvas. Move the heart object into position , then RIGHT click the heart shape to display a menu.  Choose "  Change Shape or Line ". To make the shape hollow ( not a solid color) in the FILL choose no fill for the color.
Note: this applies to any object. If you can find a FILL tool you can always choose " no fill" and retain just the shape

Last we looked at Kodak's (formerly Ofoto) online photo services. The attraction to using Kodak's photo website is the option to send an invite to friends without requiring them to create a log in id just to view your pictures.  Otherwise, it has all the same features as the photo sharing websites, printing, uploading several photos,adding colored borders to images, and publishing a photo book. 

 There is an endless list of photo sharing sites, here are just a few to check out Costco, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Shutterfly, and Snapfish,  

 Reviewed previous  week   - the Library in  Digital Image Suite .

Digital Image Suite 2006

How Do I Find a particular picture on your computer after you’ve transferred it from your camera to your computer??

 With Digital Image Suite 2006 Library software you can easily organize, locate and archive . Use the import Wizard to copy the pictures from your camera to your computer Pictures folder, and catalogue them in the library. Type a name for the subfolder and this becomes the name for the pictures as well. Use the Label Painter to create a label name as part of the picture stored information.  There are assigned default labels for Print, needs touchup, to mention just a few.  Use this label information to quickly “ select”   pictures or videos by these tags.  Take a minute ( which is all it takes ) to watch the tutorial video that comes with the Library help portion. In seconds you will discover all these tools that will help you quickly organize your multi-media files. See how you can  assign ratings to your pictures. Assign a 5 star rating to your best pictures. Dazzle your friends by quickly choosing only those 5-star pictures and immediately launch  slideshow while still in the library program. This slideshow icon appears next to the  PhotoStory tab. Yes, you can also build a Photo Story 3 from your filtered photo choices while still in the library. Amazing stuff. Watch the video and see how simple this tool is to use.

How can I easily achieve my pictures and videos  ???  You can use the Achieve wizard  to save pictures and videos from your computer to a CD or DVD. Then you can remove the files from your computer and regain that storage. This program has several features for archiving, including settings to erase the original pictures and videos after they are safely archived.  The reminder settings can prompt you to archive your files every month. There are lots of control settings to activity. For example, you can archive only new files and files that have been modified. Or you can prompt the wizard to stop and remind you later. However, using the library is a simple and easy way to create your inventory of pictures and videos for safe keeping.

Can I change the date created of an image file?  My camera’s was set to the wrong date when I took my pictures. How Can I fix  that ?  

Yes you can change the Date Created when you’re in the library. Select the picture,   Right click  , from the drop down list choose properties. Either type over the wrong date or click on the drop down arrow to select from an image calendar. Now you can safely achieve your pictures with the proper date affixed to the image.