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IBM/PCUG NewsGroup

The primary purpose of this NewsGroup is to facilitate communication between the IBM/PCUG Membership and the Board Members, Mentors and SIG Leaders. It's larger purpose it to create a "cyber" place where local Redding-area computer enthusiasts can help each other out.

We all know how hard it is to find a computer "expert" when you need one (it's usually at 2:00am in the morning!) Many of us just don't know where to find help or who to ask. Well, this is the place!

This is also the place to post advertisements for computer related services & classifieds, suggestions for the Redding IBM/PCUG Club, and announcements for computer related events.

For those of you who are "newbies" here, a NewsGroup works like a bulletin board. Messages posted to the NewsGroup are public rather than private like E-mail. Anyone who can access the NewsGroup can read the messages, as well as respond to them.

The redding.ibmpcug NewsGroup is a local (Redding area) NewsGroup and not a regular world-wide UseNet NewsGroup. Therefore, to access this NewsGroup it must be carried by your Local Internet Provider. If you click on the NewsGroup link and get an error message, or nothing happens, it probably means that this NewsGroup is not one supplied to you by your Internet Provider. The solution is to ask your local provider to send us E-mail asking how to add our NewsGroup to their list!

If you have any questions about this NewsGroup post them in the NewsGroup or E-mail the Club. The redding.ibmpcug NewsGroup has been generously provided to the IBM/PCUG by Snowcrest Computer Specialties.

This Page is always under construction.