Multi Media Special Interest Group
 leader Jane Quinn




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SIG’s Purpose: Learn how to use the latest photo, dvd creation and music software and their  devices.  We meet one Saturday each month and every Thursday. Together we learn much faster exchanging ideas , sharing our  personal software or device experiences , and    exploring , discussing  new equipment and software.

  What Do You Want to Know?? Photo editing, working with devices, creating DVD movies, making your own digitized music computer library.

Each Session is conducted as a learning and exchange experience for all. It is a collective mix of average computer knowledge and experts on specific “ multi media”  subjects. Everyone is welcome to contribute ( questions, newspaper articles, learning experiences, solutions to multi-media projects ). Jane Quinn, instructor/coordinator will have handouts and post them as pdf files on this site for downloading.

Currently, we can address Questions on these Software programs: MS Digital Image ( all versions), Picassa 2,  Roxio entire Suite ( All versions) , Sonic, Internet Explorer 7, Internet  Photo Services, MS Media Player 11 ( and all versions) and basic XP Home Edition media related questions.

For example ;How do I connect my camera to the computer and  “Where the heck “ did those images go??

How can I organize my files so I can find them and back them up??

How do I get  a good photo print?

How do I make my own personal audio mix CD or put music on my mp3 player.

Where are my pictures in my slideshow to burn my Roxio DVD.


Class session- Anderson location at  2081 Frontier Trail from 1-3pm every Thursday. Phone 365-3254 to be sure the center is open.
Volunteers Are Needed – we are seeking anyone who has the time and good nature to help others learn about computing. Your choice on format, length of time and dates you would be willing to help others learn. Contact the office manager at the center  365-3254 or Jane Quinn.

The classroom has a Projector, high speed Charter cable internet connection, XP Home Edition on all computers and computer tables for the students to bring in their laptops and access the high speed connection.

There is photo editing software, slideshow software, basic MS office including Power Point on all the computers.