Machine Shop Services

Cylinder boring and honing

We bore cylinders using a Kwik-Way boring bar and finishing with a Sunnen Hone. Charges are $30 per hole.

Exhaust Ports Repair

We have developed a repair for stripped Norton Commando exhaust ports. The port is bored out , the new hole is treaded. Then an alloy sleeve is inserted, welded around the periphery and fly-cut smooth. This makes a very strong, virtually undetectable repair. Charges are $75 per hole.

Triumph exhaust ports are not thick enough to sleeve, but we can build the port up with weld, and then bore and thread them. Cost $100 per port.

Norton Tach Drive

Norton tach drives may be machined and a seal installed to stop the annoying oil leak. $15 including the seal.

Commando Gear Box Cradles

The gear rear iso-mounts are often not parallel. We can square them up as well as insure the plates are at 90 degrees to the tube. Charge $50.

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