Pre-War Motorcycles


Pre-war motorycycle frames are usually constructed of low-carbon steel tubing brazed or silver-soldered into cast-steel fittings. This construction is well suited to repair. Unfortunately, there is a lack of specifications on many models. Therefore, we often require engine plates and castings to make sure of proper fitting. Older frames have often been modified or repaired in the past which can complicate restoration.

Repair costs on antiques can vary dramatically based on the above parameters. When we see the frame we can give you an accurate estimate.


Most pre-war motorcycles use girder or springer front forks. Both styles are repairable.
Girder forks are commonly found on British motorcycles. Besides being bent out of line they often have worn shafts and bushings. Shafts are invariably bastard sizes and incorporate both left and right hand threads. Replacements are unavailable so new ones must be fabricated.
Springer forks were often utilized on American makes. Rocker arm bushing-wear is a common malady. When sending spring forks for repair be sure to include the top crown.

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