The amazing silicon pet!

Grow your own fruity computer creature!

From the heart of the silicon valley come the 'magical apples' which grow into 'Macatotchi'! Now you can help this strange visitor from this distant land by aiding in their development. Starting off with a 'magical apple' you can help a computer to grow and thrive.

You computer will start off its life as a simple compact computer (similar to a Macatotchi Plus or Macatotchi 128) but with constant care and upgrading it can grow into a full fledged Macatotchi of today. To achieve this you will have to pay close attention to your Macatotchi's specific needs. These needs start out small with a steady diet of floppy disks and crunchy ram chips, but as time progresses the Macatotchi will require bigger and better upgrades. All of which you will provide as a good Macatotchi owner.

Selecting the correct software to feed your computer is s difficult task. At first the selections will be simple, but later on the choices you make will determine what your Macatotchi will grow up to be. If you give it the correct software it may grow up to be a laptop of graphics workhorse, but should you accidentally feed it any Microspooge products it may devolve into a Vic-20! Your Macatotchi also will occasional need new hardware which you can select from a menu. be sure to select only compatible products. You wouldn't want your Macatotchi to blow a fuse. On occasion your Macatotchi may even need a new OS! Watch out or your Macatotchi may catch a computer virus. If it does you can rid your Macatotchi of the virus before it becomes corrupted.

In order to sell more of these things the Macatotchi comes in a variety of designer colors which would make the Swatch company cringe. Shown here and just a few of the designs. There are over 10,000 designs so be sure and collect them all! The Macatotchi will be available soon in major cities and eventually nationwide. However, for now the only place you can find a Macatotchi is right here on this parody web site.

Coming soon to a toy store near you!