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Welcome to the J-A-G Picture Production webpage. J-A-G stands for Just Another Good Picture Production. Our motto is: "We're not the best, we're JUST ANOTHER GOOD" We're trying to create stories like Gene Roddenberry did. Exploring the human spirit through conflict. Going into areas that are not "mainstream". And may offend the religious and political right. (In other words: We'll be Rush Limbaugh's nightmare.)

NEW 8-1-02 Now finished!
Over 18 months in the making!
40 pages of story and 12 pages of character profiles!

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Exmaple page

Exmaple page

Exmaple page
To order, print out flier and mail along with payment.
Any Questions, Write to efecss@inreach.com.


New 5-7-02

Costume Comissions Page starts up with some example pictures and rates!

New 12-5-01

Seen in Japan, but new to America, a magazine dedicated to the creative endeavours of people who make costumes, and people who wear them, and the creativity of how they show them off.

In Japan, there are many magazines,CD roms videos and DVDs dedicated to the cosplayer. But this is dedicated to the entire genre of costuming. Science Fiction, Anime, Comic books, Fantasy and period costuming, and the new area of photo manipulation for putting the costume into a scene. Also a spotlight article on the infamous Sailor Jamboree cosplay group. An article on make up and one on photography

40 pages of brilliant color, laser printed on quality paper, with a card cover. (See samples below)

Price: $8.00 per copy. Plus $1.50 shipping and handling. (Click here to print order form flier to mail.)


Want to be in the next issue. Send a picture, either by email or by post to J-A-G PICTURE PRODUCTION. Using the following guidelines (Click here.). Pictures must be in jpg or gif format, and should be at a scanned in resolution of at least 200 dpi (Dots Per Inch) and ata size of 4x5 inches. Otherwise, the picture will not be in focus.

Any questions, email efecss@inreach.com for more information.

New 7-5-2001 picture in the poster section !

Because we wish to be diverse and offer something different from the mainstresm:

J-A-G PICTURE PRODUCTION is offering a set of trading cards of people in costumes at science fiction/fantasy/anime/ comic book conventions.

The set runs over sixty cards. The cards will have three categories with several sub-categories. But the basic categories are:FANS - PROMOTIONAL - MASQUERADE.

FANS: Those people who wear costumes in a non-competative or non-commercial venue, just for the fun of it.

PROMOTIONAL: Those people wearing costume(s) depicting a characer for studio/publication/group.

MASQUERADE: Not only the participants of the masquerade, but the components that make up the masquerade. Such as the Emcee, the stage ninjas, the judges, the dens and Den mommies...

Orders are NOW being taken.

Dealers interesting in selling cards through their stores, please email me a note asking for infromation.


New 9-16-2000

The American Costume/Cosplayer Magazine and CD-Rom

Not at all an entirely new concept. In Japan they have several magazines desicated to cosplayers who go to various conventions. Well, J-A-G PICTURE PRODUCTION is venturing where no one has really gone before.

A magazine dedicated to displaying picture of your costumes, that YOU, your self have sent in. Be it SCI-FI, ANIME, COMICS, PERIOD, FANTASY, STAGE PRODUCTION, PHOTO OP or a special PROP you made that you want to show off.

Right now, this is slated to be a yearly magazine with a mixture of color and black and white pictures. Plus other articles as soon as we can thing of them.

But, will be starting out with a CD rom of the magazine, which will gain more interest in the magazine.

Click here for the submission guidelines, and the form to send in with as amny pictures as you wish..

Any questions, write me here at efecss@inreach.com and, tell your friends.

This studio is devoted to the media in which we, as a group, most enjoy. Comics, Original Video Animation (OVAs), feature films. Currently we are working on comics and animation. The characters in the comic section are also going to be the mainline of our animation line. And, any comic dealers who wants to enquire about obtaining our comics, or putting forth an opinion can contact us at the above address.

We attended LACon III (WorldCon) in Anaheim, from August 29 through September 2 05 1996 See the convention report here. Another successful party was held at BayCon 97 in San Jose CA, though there is no con report our party was reviewed in issue three of the conventions daily newsletters which can be found by clicking here. And our most recent journey to ComicCon, in SanDiego, (NEW 10/97) which I ended up in a couple of magazines.

And a new featuer, a showcase of some of the costumes I have recently done.
If you want to contact me about costume information email me at efecss@inreach.com

Now, feel free to browse as much as you like, and tell us what you think of what we are doing.
Also take a look at some of my posters and photos! (Updated9/2000)

We will be holding a VIDEO PARTY room at several upcoming conventions show casing some of the re-dubs of Japanese animations we have done in a comical way.

In the future, when we get to doing feature films: I have in development a parody of Dungeons and Dragons done in the style of the Naked Gun. A definite low budget affair. But complex enough for a good story. Then, also have an outline for another parody script dealing with Mechs (Giant Robots)

I request that you send all inquiries to J-A-G PICTURE PRODUCTION, C/O, Joe Eibe, 1119 Elm Street, Willows, CA 95988. And I will answer all inquiries as quickly as possible or write to me here at efecss@inreach.com

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