I have been costuming since I was seven years old. I won my first competition at a high school haunted house. I dressed as Santa Clause. I had this 'old man' mask that I glued cotton balls to, and fluffed it out. Then I had my mother sew the hat and the jacket, because I had some old red pajamas that we were about to throw away.

During the years, I began to learn how to sew from my mother and grandmother, who taught me how to sew like her mother taught her. I have become perficient in tailoring (Although not perfect.), and work a lot in nylon/lycra for super hero costumes. My extent also has gone to making full STAR TREK II an on uniforms. Plus Frock coats for Doctor Who characters.

Recently, I have done giant robot costumes for the stage. One that is not pictured is Wreck-Gar, from TRANSFORMERS The Motion Picture. Which I could partially transform.

Now I am hoping to get into thermoplastics for some of my TRANSFORMER costumes, and will be showing at conventions all over the West Coat.

Chronobot, from an original concept. Won best in Novice class at WorldCon 96

Optimus Prime: Being a transformer fan it was a natural costume to make. It was made out of cardboard and duct tape and got a loot of "Ooohs' and Aaahhs" and pictures taken at the 1999 Comic Con in San Diego.

If you want to contact me about costume information call me (Joe) at (530) 934-4290