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Email No. 18: March 26, 2006

Heading Off On The Appalachian Trail

Hello all,

The very first thing I want to do before diving into this email is to apologize to everyone for pretty much falling off the radar the past four months and even more so the last two. With the exception of my mom, dad, grandma and very few others I have been absolutely terrible about keeping in touch. My last few months in PC were both wonderful and stressful with packing up a house, saying goodbye to people and it finally sinking in that I was leaving my *home* of the past 3 1/2 years indefinitely. While I hope very much someday to return, I have a lot of things to figure out for myself on this side of the globe first.

So I guess that's a good lead in how I'm going to figure that out and to what I'm doing now. Currently, I'm at fellow RPCV Heidi's house in South Carolina, with another RPCV Colleen. Colleen and I are leaving here tomorrow to start hiking the Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine). Heidi will meet us about a week later and then double back to finish the last part after we've (hopefully) reached Maine. The (whole) 5 weeks that I've actually been back in the United States have been fairly well spent running around prepping for this. Family is very happy that I've actually managed to work visits in to my brother, grandmother, mum and dad in there (I'm pretty happy too =0)). Preps have gone well and we're extremely excited, though by far not in as good of shape as we'd like to be to undertake this. One day at a time though. I plan to enjoy every minute of it.

Several people have asked me if they can send *small* care packages/ letters along the way and so I am including a list of mail drops in this email. I promise that I will be writing many more letters than i have in the past few months. I figure that on nights I don't crash absolutely exhausted into bed, I'll be wanting to write to people and share everything that I'm experiencing. While the list is a start, it is no way the final plan. It's based upon the fact that Colleen needs to be somewhere in early September. We are starting on this timeline, but I think that somewhere up the road we will part ways as I would much rather enjoy my surroundings than blaze through it. That being said, the list is still a good one to go by as I'll never show up to these places ahead of schedule, so I'll still get a letter, even if it has to wait for me for a little bit.

Lot's of love to you all! A super special pole sana kwa kupotea kwa rafiki zangu za Peace Corps bado kwenye Tanzania. Sijawa sahau na nimepata barua/ pepe barua zote zenu. Nitawaandika. Nawakumbuka sana.


For USPS offices:
Mail should be addressed to (I actually recommend you put all three names so that if only one person goes into the post office to check the mail while others do other errands there will be fewer problems):
  Jessica Bruck, Colleen Thomas, or Heidi Hawkins
c/o General Delivery
City, State, Zip Code (noted below)
AND the notation " HOLD FOR A.T. THRU HIKER"
(followed by the expected arrival date)
For Hiker Hostels (those marked in bold), the packages should be addressed the same as for USPS offices except there will be an actual street address in the place of General Delivery.
All drops marked with a " * " are drops that we are planning on picking up our own packages at the post office. If you have something important it should be sent to these drops. We will be trying to pass by the post offices in the other towns as well as we will be in town anyhow for resupply, but there is always a chance that we will miss a few trying to get in and out of town quickly (or we come into town on a sunday and it's closed and we don't want to wait an extra day to just to get the mail).
Destination Expected
Arrival Date
For US:
post by
For Tz/ int'l
post by
*Fontana Dam, NC 28733 4/11 4/01 n/a
*Hot Springs, NC 28743
4/18 4/08 n/a
*Erwin, TN 37650
4/23 4/13 n/a
*Kincora Hiker's Hostel
1278 Dennis Cove Road
Hampton, TN 37658

4/28 4/18 3/28
*Damascus, Virginia 24236
5/2 4/25 4/2
*Atkins, VA 24311
5/8 4/30 4/8
Bland, VA 24315
5/11 5/1 4/11
Pearisburg, VA 24134
5/14 5/04 4/14
Daleville, VA 24083
5/20 5/10 4/20
Waynesboro, VA 22980 5/28 5/18 4/28

*Linden, VA 22642
6/2 5/26 5/2
*Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
6/6 5/30 5/6
Boiling Springs, PA 17007
6/11 6/01 5/11
*Port Clinton, PA 19549
6/18 6/8 5/18
*Delaware Gap, PA 18327
6/23 6/13 5/23
Vernon, NJ 07462
6/27 6/17 5/27
*Fort Montgomery, NY 10922
7/1 6/23 6/1
Kent, CT 06757
7/5 6/26 6/5
Salisbury, CT 06068
7/7 6/28 6/7
Dalton, MA 01226
7/12 7/2 6/12
North Adams, MA 01247
7/14 7/4 6/14
Manchester Center, VT05255
7/19 7/9 6/19
Hanover, NH 03755
7/25 7/15 6/25
*Glencliffe, NH 03238
7/31 7/21 6/31
North Woodstock, NH 03262
8/1 7/23 7/1
*Gorham, NH 03581
8/6 7/27 7/6
*Andover, ME 04216
8/10 8/1 7/10
Statton, ME 04982
8/16 8/6 7/16
*Monsoon, ME 04464 8/22 8/12 7/22

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