Atwood Ranches Stonycreek Stallion Station

This is one place the Horse Enthusiast won't want to miss when visiting Glenn County!


Glenn County Is Horse Country!

Now the home of two large Cutting Horse Facilities, Glenn county has always welcomed Horse Ranches.  There are two Thoroughbred Ranches that specialize in Race Horses.


Sale Horses! (click on title)

I have always wanted to raise horses.  I have some foundation Quarter Horses and several foundation bred Paint Horses. Please feel free to visit them! These are a few of the horses I am offering for sale


New Arrivals!



Friends New Arrivals! (click on title)

With permission I will show photos of my friends new arrivals! Enjoy!


JR (Jack Russell) Finch

  Born (whelped) 09/18/2002

This is the newest addition to my family!  He is quite the pup!  He goes almost everywhere with me, including the office. If you happen to be in Orland, stop by to meet him.  He is our Official Greeter! He gets so excited that he does the whole body wiggle!