Horse Camp Spring Dug Out in Record Time!

There is usually fresh, running water at Horse Camp...but until May 22, 1999 it was hidden beneath 10 feet of snow.

The volunteers, Bruce, Chris, Paul, Rachel, Erik, Carol, Mark, Ryan, Kim,
Hoemun, Sunmie, and Steve, dug deep down in the snow...

The Service Outing, organized by Coordinator Bob Musgrove and by Steve Moore from the Sierra Club Shasta Group and, brought an eager crew of helpers to the historic climbers' hut. The spring was dug out in record time, and highly appreciated by thirsty climbers who would otherwise be melting and purifying snow to drink. The stone hut was thoroughly cleaned and made ready for the crew of caretakers who begin their season at Horse Camp on Memorial Day weekend, providing full-time care and maintenance of the back-country campground and answering climbers' questions about Mount Shasta and the surrounding environment. A new computer-generated mountaineering map, provided by the US Forest Service, will help climbers determine their best route up the mountain.

Special thanks to everyone from the Bay Area who helped out!

Photo by Kim Solga

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