This page was created as a cultural bridge,
a way to communicate and find sources
of education for communication skills

The Translator's Home Companion

California Guide to and for Translators --- Links to Tools and Educational Resources.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Linguistics

Web Links to Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, the Association of Computational Linguistics, and others.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Languages

More Links by Language and Culture plus other Multilingual sources.

Humanities:Human Languages and Linguistics

Links by Language and Linguistic topics ( CELIA and ECHO too)

Stanford Education:Languages

Language Educational Sources (English as a Second Language, Technical Japanese, More)

Russian and East European Studies Internet Language and Literature Resources

Just what it says!

Yuri's Aquarius Search System for Translators

Yuri Vorontsoff"s European Translator Search Facility.

Universal Survey of Languages

An Attempt at an Internet wide Language page....We'll see.

Gopher at

Gopher to Agora Language Market Files (I'll check for HTML home page.)

Language Resource Center

A well done page on Dartmouth's Language Resource Center with some nice Links

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