Thoughts take form

Thoughts Take Form

The idea behind this page , yea, virtually all human communication is to convey IDEAS. Ideas are extremely powerful and once fleshed out become the basis for most of what we value. Different men are given credit for the "discovery" of certain ideas and theories (scientific ideas). Many great thinkers claimed their ideas "came to them" or from an "inspiration". Quite possibly, the ideas are simply there and we, mankind, stumble over them out of necessity or the desire to know. There are many theories on the mind and thought. Basically, we don't really know how the mind produces thoughts. I'm not saying there isn't anyone that knows; I'm saying that the Western World's scientist cannot tell you or I, for certain, how a thought comes into existence. All languages (written and spoken) are symbolic representations of ideas grouped together to express larger ideas. We gather these larger thoughts, ideas, to form philosophies, societies and nations. Thoughts form the ideas that constantly recreate our lives.

My (online) dictionary defines thought as: 1. the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought. 2. a single act or product of thinking; idea or notion. If we take an idea to be the product of thought (whatever that is), we can ask the question: What makes one idea better or more important than another? Well, let's look at some great ideas.

I've got it!! Let's band together in an orderly fashion to protect ourselves from most of the threatening forces that exist in the world. This idea is called "civilisation". This is not a new concept; in fact it is one of the oldest "recorded" ideas we know of. Of course, it's been fleshed out pretty heavily(Here in the U.S. it's damn near obese.). My point is: to become fully aware of ourselves and the external world we must become aware of the thought patterns that form our beliefs and misconceptions and the larger thought-forms that have and will continue to form our personal-realities. My intent here is to enlarge on this theme and explore some of the more important thoughts that effect me and, most likely, you.

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