How to Play beta MasterMind:

Each small black clue peg () signifies that a large peg is the Correct Color and in the Correct Location (row).

Each small white clue peg () signifies that a large peg is the Correct Color but is in an Incorrect Location (row).

Tips and Hints:

MasterMind is a game of logic and skill (with a little luck thrown in with your initial chosen sequence).

During the initial start of the game, "choosing mode" allows you to choose your initial peg color sequence. Click on four pegs. The first column peg location displays a Question Mark (?) to show where the next peg choice will go. Click on the Question Mark to have an initial color sequence chosen for you at random.

During game play, click on a peg to change its color by sequencing through the eight possible peg colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white. When you are through with your "guess", click the "In-Play/Next" icon button in the top clue row (white down-arrow connected to the yellow right-arrow with a red dot). Your last peg color choices are copied to the next In-Play column and your clues are displayed in the top clue row. See the above clue key for black/white clue peg meanings. The goal is to get four black clue pegs.

When the game is over, because you have "guessed" the peg color sequence, or you have used up all 12 of your chances, the color sequence you were attempting to guess is shown under the "hooded" last column. Click on the "New Game" icon button to play another game.

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