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Welcome to C.A.R.E.

We founded our organization on the principle that our children do not receive sufficient focus or help that they need to prepare for college, and/or a satisfying career. Parents need to understand and better prepare for their children to have every possible advantage.

How well informed are YOU on the following regarding your child:

  • making an informed decision on a future career

  • developing effective study skills

  • being fully informed of the financing and scholarship programs for which s/he is eligible

  • locating the best school based on the sum of the first three evaluations

We are based in Shasta County, California, and initially, are focused on improving the ratio of college-bound students from here; however, we are not limited to serving just this area. We have divided this site into the key objectives of our program, and invite you to become better acquainted with our services and how we can help you, or your child prepare for and succeed in college and beyond.

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