(all sites are loaded with links to other sites)

campustours.com -Tours of campuses across the country

collegeview.com -Tours of campuses

embark.com -extensive financial aid , plus campus information

fafsa.ed.gov -FAFSA on the web. Fill out your FAFSA on your computer

fastweb.com -One of the most extensive scholarship sites

finaid.org -More financial aid searching

freschinfo.com -If you only look at one site, make it this one!!

library.uiuc.edu -College rankings

review.com -Multi-informational site sponsored by The Princeton Review

usnews.com -The most recognized authority on college rankings

collegenet.com -A portal for applying to hundreds of colleges and universities.

collegenight.com -A broad universal site with many useful links.

stats.bls.gov -An occupational outlook handbook from the US Government.

ed.gov/offices/ope -US Department of Education Office of Post-Secondary Education. Financial Aid & More Links .

utexas.edu/world/univ/state -A national listing of all colleges that have web sites .

csac.ca.gov -California Student Aid Commission is a state agency that works in concert with the Federal Government to create student financial aid at the state level. This site is a must.

ed.gov/free -Hundreds of learning resources from major federal agencies . Approximately 30 new resources added every month. Definitely a great research site for students.